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Feelin' good again & a thank you!

This past two weeks, I've been back on the running routine. I've spent far too long dithering and neglecting my runs. Due to life in general, I'd end up running once a week, or maybe once every two weeks.

Every run felt harder as my fitness levels dropped. I knew something had to be done, and the xmas break was the perfect opportunity :)

As a day job, I work in the construction industry and generally, the industry closes down for near enough two weeks at xmas so it means I've had a nice long break. It also means I can go running in the mornings with no rushing about, and no work commuting to worry about.

It's actually been really nice. I've managed 5 runs in the last 11 days and I feel great!

First run (22nd Dec) was tough & I stopped for a breather once, getting back into the swing of things and it was a sniff over 4k. My pace was low as well. I think between August when I relaxed my running and now, I've added a minute onto my average pace (from 5:58m/km to 6:51m/km) but that's not really that important right now.

Next run was xmas eve, that again was tough but I upped the distance to 4.6km. I had to stop again for a breather, this time twice. Generally after an uphill section though.

For Christmas, I got a Garmin 110 which my wife had wrapped up, schweeet!

Boxing day run was good, that was 5k with the new watch. Felt funny, but I loved it. Again, one walking break.

Next run was the 28th Dec. This was 5.1k and was equally tough but getting a shade faster too but I also had to take THREE walking breaks. Something twigs. I'm running faster but requiring more walking breaks. Maybe if I run slower, I'll run continuously?!

So this morning I ran (31st Dec). I wanted to run slower to see if I could run non-stop for 5k. Maybe I had been pushing myself too much? Anyway, I got to 2k and wanted to stop, but said no. Same at 3k, 4k and reached 5k. Non-stop. I was so happy!! So happy in fact, that I carried on running and reached 7.1km before my brain realised I was at the end of my road and stopped running without my control! I was starting to get carried away and wanted to hit 8km… maybe next time.

So now I know I need to slow down to be able to run for half hour continuously. Maybe I'll try some interval training during the week. Some 7m/km jogging interspersed with sprints to try and improve my times and use the ol' long slow weekend runs to increase distance / endurance.

Either way, 7km! Epic end to 2012!

Thank you all for helping me on my 'running' journey. 2012 has been the year I took up a sport, and bloody enjoyed it!!! The support and community here has single-handedly kept me going. I'm sure I would have stopped after a week had I not had the advice & support along with the inspirational stories from you fine fine folk!

Happy new year! Here's to a lot more miles in 2013!

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Good tohear you are back out there! Since the run at top gear track I have only been out 3 times as cant shake this horrible cough and cold... Felt rubbish for most of December :( hope to be back out there soon!!

Keep running!!!!


Hope you get to feel better soon Ali! Both of our boys have been coughing & sneezing pretty much all of xmas and I can feel a cold coming on (snuffly nose & a croaky throat) but hoping to keep it at bay with some vitamins, plenty of greens and running in the fresh air!


That's a great blog - thank you for the inspiration, and all the best for your running in 2013!


Thanks Annie, you too :)


Mr Q - 7k is brilliant!! Well done you! It's been great having all this time off work to put in the extra runs and I am off this week too so will be making the most of it especially as it looks to be better weather too.....

All the very best for 2013 and enjoy your Garmin!



7k is a great run. I've obviously set my targets too high (planning an 11km run some point soon!)...

Yes, the break off work has been great, especially spending time with my wife & kids.

Enjoy :)


Such a great blog!!!! :-) So happy you had a break from work and you had time to experiment to see what you needed to do to keep running. I find I run slow...its the only way I know I can run continuously without taking walking breaks. Such a great job getting to the 7K mark!!!! Epic indeed!!!! :-) Congratulations! :-) Gayle


Thanks Gayle! I'm ok with the fact I need to run slower in order to run continously. I went out yesterday morning and ran at 7m/km which was slightly faster than my 7km run but I stopped involuntarily for 50m so still need to tweak my current optimum pace but I feel like I'm getting there :)

Enjoy your 2013!


Welcome back, mrq!! Epic end to 2012, indeed!!!! I think that what impressed me the most, was your total recommitment to running again. As you said, life just gets in the way sometimes. It was so nice to see that some time was available and YOU TOOK IT!! Not only did you take it, but you made the most out of it!!

Tweaking your pace is a great idea!! Then you can vary it depending upon if you want a longer run or more interval type training!! What a brilliantly smart return to regular running!! Well done!!

Happy New Year and Keep Running!! :-)



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