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Missing enthusiasm

Hi all,

I am trying to get myself motivated to start again. I haven't done anything for months due to getting a chest infection, performing in a musical show, going on holiday and starting back to work then Christmas. The thing is I KNOW I will feel the great achievement when I do it but this does not motivate me. It is good reading all your blogs again though.

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Hi mature, do you have a reason to run? For me its to lose weight and enter a half

marathon in Oct for charity. If there is a reason you have to run then maybe that

will motivate you? Ed x


Welcome back! To stay motivated, I set long and short term goals. Once I meet my goals,

I reward myself with cool running gear/wear or something else special. I find the most difficult part is just taking the step out the door. Once I'm running and finished, I'm very happy I did it and proud of myself for taking the steps I needed to. Wishing you a successful 2013!! Gayle


Hi! I know what you mean, life always seems to get in the way. Also, this time of year is just blah isn't it? I've tried many times over the years to become a runner and then just lost the motivation. This time I unlocked through hypnosis, it really worked for me. Since I'm doing this for weight loss too I also set up a list of rewards... You're already on here, posting so I think you will find the motivation to run soon! Good luck!


Maybe it depends what you mean by 'motivate' - do you mean

'make me want to leap out the door beaming with enthusiam'


'make me get out the door'


Because if you wait for the first one to arrive, it might never happen!


Here, here!! I couldn't agree more!! You are exactly right!!!!!


What a brillian answer greenlegs, you are exactly right. It is just the push out the door which is the most difficult. Thanks guys for all your replies and yes I think if I keep reading the blogs the enthusiasm will come back.


Have you tried putting on your gear? Seriously, that helps!


I agree with googleme, the moment the running gear goes on my mood changes completely. Rediscover why you're wanting to achieve this, write it on a post-it note and stick it on your front door :-)


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