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I have lost my Mojo!! I graduated a few weeks ago, and completed a few runs after that, but the last one was over 10 days ago......due to a mixture of work commitments and a major family issue, I just didn't/couldn't go running. Now life is getting back to "normal" I find that I just haven't run- there have not been any excuses, I just haven't done it.

Really don't want to loose all my hard work ( I was planning a Park run before Mojo went missing!) but as hard as i try, "it" has all just gone!

Read about the Virtual Runs on these pages- they look good- has anyone taken part?

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I know exactly how you feel, I went through the same but now I'm back! I kept going to Parkrun but couldn't be bothered to run during the week.

I kept coming on the forum, bought a running magazine and signed up for the Abbey Dash 10k in Leeds.

Now I daren't not run! Good luck, you'll get it back. Keep posting! X


Oh you can do it - make an appointment with yourself for tomorrow at your usual running time - and then go and look for Mojo - If he tries to run away, chase him!! :)

Follow Joh example and sign for an event - maybe a fun 5 k charity run , so you won't feel under pressure to "go fast" :)

I haven't done Virtual runs but I am planning to - (if you check one of my recent posts there are some links)


"If he tries to run away, chase him" LOLOLOL!


Do a nice easy run tonight 20 minutes slow run - see how you are. If you are feeling good carry on to 30. Once you have a run under your belt you'll probably find your mojo again.

I've entered the poppy appeal run on virtual runner a couple of days ago. Gonna to do 20K+ per week, hoping to reach 100k overall.


I was feeling the same until last night when I decided to go for a slow 20 minute run. I sat on the stairs for 15 mins before putting my trainers on. I couldn't even call the 5 min walk a warm up as I plodded along like an injured slug! But started the run after the 5 mins and believe it or not I enjoyed it. I do think it was mind over matter as the thought of 30 mins just seemed impossible. The sense of achievement was like when I finished wk1. Back to 30mins on Thursday. Give it a go it worked for me :)


Hi Harebell

I tend to find that motivation comes from taking action.

When you start taking action, motivation follows.

So , get your gear together and get out there ! :-) I agree with rmnsuk , just a twenty minuter and see how you go on .

Good Luck , deep breaths and Enjoy it ! :-) xxx


I totally agree...just get out there, no expectations and enjoy it. Then think about what you want out of it and take action ( i.e. sign up for a race, park run etc)... keep going don't give up....

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Thank you all for your tips!! I seem to have it in my mind that I would have lost the ability to run 30 mins, but from you posts, I don't think I would have!

Will do as I'm told and get out there!

Thanks xx


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