Lost enthusiasm

I did do one run while in Cyprus but it was quite hilly and was quite exhaused. Now I find I have no enthusiasm to do my wk 7 runs as I find I am a bit scared of feeling like that again. I know this is rubbish because I have done the 25 minutes already without a problem. I had been doing really well until I went on holiday.


It was wk7 I got fed up and stopped the last time I attempted C25K.


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15 Replies

  • Hi Maturelady, I am so impressed that you tried to do it on holiday! AND that you have already done 25 minutes, that seems like a lifetime to me in week 4. So well done don't give up now!!!! You have done almost all of it only a few to do! Think how great it will be to post Wk 9 Run 3 COMPLETE!! :)

  • Sounds like you've had a little wobble and lost a bit of mojo there :( I think you have to package it up for what it was, and fulfil your dream by focusing on what's to come if you can find the will to carry on. You wouldn't have posted for support if you had already given up?! Also, maybe week 7 has become to mean something more than it is as this was when you gave up last time? Don't give up, keep on, slow n steady, you know you want to :) and we all feel a bit lost with this from time to time. Good luck :)

  • You HAVE been doing really well, and you can carry on doing well. To run the hills is tiring but hey you did it. Be proud, you did it even if it wasn't your best run. Just get back out and do it, slow right down, you can do it! You are nearly there! x :-)

  • Well, you are not in Cyprus any more so you won't feel the same again, there is no way you can feel the same again! Week 7 is a lovely week! :-)

  • I'd give up if I were you - why bother going on, afterall I bet you don't feel any better than you did 7 weeks ago do you. And so what if you give up again - there's only you and this forum to know about it, and presumably a few friends and maybe family. Go back to your old ways its much safer than the euphoria and excitement of achieving something and seeing that 'GRADUATE' title after your name. What's to celebrate anyway, you've only run 24 minutes more than you did 6 weeks ago - nothing to cheer about.

  • OMG did your words fire me up! But your tactics did work. I did it and I feel really good about myself. Thanks.

  • Well done!!! Its this forum that kept me going. If if wasn't for people on here, I would have definitely given up any time after wk 5. You're on your way now. Good luck to the end.

  • Hahaa, harsh tactics but glad they worked! I know where to come now if I need a kick up the a**e!

  • What's the worst that can happen? Even if you have a horrible run (which is unlikely) the exhausted feeling will pass but if you give up at Week 7 again, *that* feeling will niggle on and on. You could even tell yourself you'll do just one more run and *then* you'll give up ;-)

  • Its okay to feel lost somewhere after holidays, but its not worth to give up after all your efforts so far.just do it without thinking about the end results.

  • It was probably quite warm in Cyprus and it was hilly so the run was bound to be more difficult. Try again, take it very slowly and just think you are so close to graduation it would be a shame to stop now. Do you really want to throw away all that hard work you've put in so far? Go girl. You can do it.

  • There are good runs & bad runs - sometimes I'll have a bad run on a route where previously I've felt great afterwards. Running in an unfamiliar place can be exciting but unexpected hills can knock you back. Keep going with the programme - the feeling of achievement you'll get at the end of week 9 will be worth all the effort. remember every one has their off days but there'll be more good days & more ruuning challenges to strive for & it's so much better to have had a rubbish run than no run at all.

  • I usually try to run on holiday too, but not pushing it as holidays can be exhausting! You did it though didn't you? What's the worst that can happen if you give the next run a go? If you feel really tired you can slow down, or walk for a bit. Have a go, I bet you'll crack it and then think how marvellous you'll feel. Come back and tell us how it goes x xx

  • It's the gremlins playing with your mind. Don't listen to them or they will have won an you will find it harder to try again.

    Really - I mean it - just push the thoughts (ANY thoughts) out of your mind, put on your running shoes and do what the gremlins are trying to convince you that you can't - but what you really CAN do - what your body is designed to do - and what the previous 6 week programme has already prepared you to do.

    You can do this - you've already done this - you're ready to do this. Don't listen to your gremlins and I guarantee that you will be so glad that you didn't.

  • Thanks everyone, I knew I could count on my C25K family. I did my wk7 run. Kept having to concentrate though. I started off saying ok old girl down to the beach. Then come on along the prom. Then it was twelve and a half minutes. So it was come on your on the home straight. Five minutes to go come on you can do this now and then Laura said ok slow down. My legs were wobbly but I did it. Thanks to you all and I hope this will give someone else the courage to do it. As Laura keeps telling us "You can do this" and we can. Have faith.

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