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Enthusiasm needed!

Hi all!

I have been doing the couch to 5k using a different app on my phone. I did 4 weeks and got to the stage where I could run for 5 minutes without stopping. But then...

I came down with a horrible head cold. Ive been really congested with a cough and it's only just starting to clear after a week. I didn't run as I didn't want to make it worse. But now i'm getting better i'm struggling to work up the enthusiasm to get running again. The weather has got colder, my calendar is filling up with after-work drinks (I run in the evenings, hate running in the mornings!) so I don't think I'll have the time to keep up with a run every other day, and if I did, the end of the 8 weeks would collide with Christmas and new year when I will mostly be getting merry with a bottle of wine and cheeseboard.

I know I should just keep going so I don't lose my fitness and before this I was really enjoying it. I just need a push... off the sofa and out the door. and someone take these mince pies off me!

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Get out there and do it! You know it won't take longer than half an hour door to door. You have time for that. Don't look for excuses why you can do it but rather for reasons that you should. Lecture over. Get your shoes on and get busy. Go on, do it now, No, now. LOL

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Get out there, put the time aside and dont question it. If its time for a run, run. Just like you have to do washing, pay bills...add it to the list. Its break away from everything else so enjoy the headspace! Go for it, you will feel fabulous mince pies or not :)


I have to agree with the comments above. You can find the time, it's amazing how quickly it passes and is a great break from the day to day stresses. Looks like my graduation run will be xmas day and I can't think of a better present! I have toned up so much and will have a load of guilt free indulgence x


Thanks everyone! I went for a run this evening after 2 weeks off. I went to work today to try and catch up with some work and on the way home nearly got trampled at the local winter wonderland and fireworks thing that I had no idea was planned - I was only trying to get to Morissons! Anyway on my way home I was having an argument with myself about whether to go for a run or not, but I did and i'm glad. I went back one week and just did the 4 minute run instead of 5 minute but it wasnt as hard as I was expecting, despite my lungs burning a bit from the cold air.

Im being taken to a whisky tasting after work tomorrow, so hopefully I won't be too hungover on Tuesday for my next run!


A huge well done, the feeling you get knowing you are running far exceeds having to do it 3 times a week. Keep going and check in to let us hear about your journey :)


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