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Endomondo Christmas challenge and training for Great Winter Run

Having only managed to run at the weekends recently I signed up for the Endomondo challenge and for the Great Winter Run and will try to get out every second day. So headed out this morning for my usual route round the woods near home. Nice surprise since I last did it some months ago - the Council have upgraded some of the paths so the one which gets impassible with nettles in summer is now over metre of grit and the one which used to be blocked by a fallen log has been cleared and stepped.

The GWR route is round Holyrood Park and quite a bit hillier than I'm used to so I decided to try a couple of circuits of the local park which is a little bit hilly. According to Endomondo it's about a 50m change in height but it feels a lot worse! I find I can just about manage running up the slopes but have to slow down after. I suspect it's something to do with aerobic versus anaerobic energy release but others may know more of the physiology. Alternatively it's just lack of will power.

Happy Christmas to all the C25k community - keep on running!

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Happy Christmas and good luck on your training for the Great Winter Run. I found myself slipping out of running every other day and had to do the same thing by signing up for a New Years Day race (Resolution Run) to motivate me. I might even try to do a 5k every month just to not loose all the hard work I have put in. Have a great holiday.


Good luck for the GWR, Wilma. How far is it? I can imagine Edinburgh would be tough to run round - lots of ups and downs! Merry Christmas! :)


It's 5k round Arthur's Seat with a steady 80m climb in the first 1k keeps at that height for quite a bit then drops quite sharply. I've walked/jogged it before on a Race for Life in both directions in but that was May and I had no illusion about being able to run.


Sounds a bit scary for me! Best of luck! :)


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