Stepping Stones - Didn't realise I would need them!

Stepping Stones - Didn't realise I would need them!

I decided to try the stepping stones podcast today for the first time as it was a nice day and have to say I was surprised how easily my pace adjusted to the different BPM used for each section, but I did find it tough keeping to the same beat for so long. I think my normal playlist has a wider variety of paces. One thing I wasn't prepared for was the effects of all the recent rain on my normal route, I could have done with stepping stones at some points!

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  • I just had a look at what that involves yesterday (listened to the description in the warm up). It sounds good, glad you enjoyed it, I will give it a try soon. I know what you mean about needing stepping stones, it's pretty soggy out there!

  • The 5k+ podcasts are great for increasing your speed and stamina. I've managed to get my time for 5k down to 31min and 5 secs (on a good day, downhill with a tail wind :) ) and plan to keep using them until I get below 30 min. Merry Christmas! Imagine if all the rain we've had had been snow! :)

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