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Week 7 done but, Ohhhh it was hard!

Where is the love? Still not got it back. I have finished week 7 and it was a struggle. After suffering from an awful cold last weekend, that had me laid up in bed for 2 days, I had to change my running days ( why does this make a difference?)

I have been trying to keep a good pace and managing to push myself on the last minute. But virtually all the run I could have stopped and gone home.

The thing that has always kept me going was this image in my head. I'm running along with long sleek tone legs looking like a goddess, super fit and gorgeous. I'm clinging on to that thought.

Please tell me the love will return. I just hoping that its the cold that has affected me more than I thought. Roll on week 8 and more love.

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Hi Tish dont worry the love will return. It takes quite a while to fully

recover from a cold so stick with it and you will be fine. Ed x


Thanks Ed. I do hope so. Feeling a bit less jaded this evening. Thanks for your support. Tricia


I've been feeling the same. I think you have to keep in mind that the reason most people aren't runners is that they stop and go home. You haven't, so if you keep it up, you'll succeed.


I'm worried I might become a stop and go home person. I haven't yet but I feel it at times. This place really helps though. And I can't forget that I do love going out, sometimes really early and in the dark just for me, my own time. Thanks mdec for your support.


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