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Insomnia !!!

Christmas galloping towards me, couldn't sleep so after reading a blog thought would go for a winter solstice run at dawn. I have never done this sort of thing before I must add.

Had a fab run and around the halfway mark insomnia came on my play list. Very apt and guaranteed to get those feet off the pavement when the beat kicks in. Followed by sandstorm.....then trotted home with some up tempo ed Sheehan and killers. Was singing along ha ha.

Best distance, 3.1 miles at last in around 40 minutes. Thought I would never crack 5k. What really made me laugh was a surprise message from my Nike training app on my nano from lance Armstrong.

And all I had to enhance my performance was a cup of earl Gary..

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What a lovely blog, Jules! Bet your tea tasted great! :)


Well done on 3.1 miles! Running at dawn is a bit special. I had thought of running early again today, but my insomnia struck at about 2.30, and that seemed a little too extreme. And then I just kept hitting the snooze button, so ended up running this afternoon instead. But I do intend to try running at dawn again.


well done! I like early runs, I usually run on a cuppa (lady grey here), some water and a banana. It's taken me ages to realise that I can actually run at other times of the day too, but you can't beat the early ones, when very few people are about and the world is just waking up :-)


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