Poorly Birthday Girl Vivwestie- let's send her some good cheer

It's Viv's (westie) birthday today and she's got a rotten hacking cough so why don't we cheer her up:

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Vi-iv, happy birthday to you. :-) :-)

Keep warm Viv and dose yourself with a shot of the good stuff if you can :-)

Hugs, Sara xox


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27 Replies

  • And again!

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Vi-iv, happy birthday to you. :-) :-)

  • Thank you so much! xx

  • Happy birthday Viv! Hope your hacking cough clears up soon! It's miserable being not tip-top at such a busy time (and when it's so wet outside).

    In the meantime I'll make a bit of space for you here on the TV and tissues couch - and here's a sherry/whisky/whatever your favourite medicine is :-)

    Ann x

  • Thank you Ann - all donations gratefully received! Budge up, love! V xx

  • Happy birthday Viv. Hope you are feeling well enough to get your running shoes on again soon!

  • Me too, Mabbers - gotta run off the excesses of the season. Xx

  • Happy birthday Viv! So sorry you are feeling unwell - my hubby also has it (again!) so I know its not much fun for you. A hot toddy or three will help get you out running soon hopefully.....

    Sue xx

  • Thanks, Sue. Toddy's at the ready! Have a great Christmas and hope your husband gets well soon. xx

  • Open the Christmas sherry, Viv... it's the only way...

    Happy birthday anyway and get well soon!

  • Thanks, Mitts. Good advice. Have a great Christmas and a stonking new year. xx

  • Happy Birthday Viv my dear!

    Wishing you all you could possibly wish yourself PLUS another hundred birthdays, Delia xox

  • Thanks, Delia. I only want a hundred if I can run through each one of them! Best of everything to you and yours. Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo. xx

  • Happy Birthday Viv, get well soon and hope you can really enjoy Xmas when it arrives!!! :)x

  • Lovin Scooby!

    I had that as a nickname in one of my jobs; dont think its because I look like him (I hope?!)


  • Ha ha, thought I'd have a christmassy theme, will always love Scooby!

  • I love the nuttiness of you all..Oooby, doooby doo!

  • Get well soon and a big Happy Birthday xxx

  • Thank you so much - lots of love and best wishes to you and yours. xx

  • Best wishes for your birthday, Viv. And for a speedy recovery! :)

  • Thank you Oona - all the best to you. xx

  • Oh, bless you Sara - thank you so much. Guess what I got for my birthday? A Garmin Forefunner! Yay! Was determined to go out for a run on my birthday... but still hacking away, so haven't. :-( But will be ready come the new year. Am looking very much forward to 2013 and all the running experiences to come - it's very exciting. V xx

  • A Garmin Forefunner, eh! Well, I'm sure you'll get lots of fun out of it, and hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi Viv... WOW!!! A Garmin :-)... hope that motivates your horrid hacking cough away. Had a hacking cough for weeks once so I am totally in sympathy. Glad you looked after yourself and soooo pleased you got to see all these wishes for your birthday :-). As they say here: Gute Besserung (German for 'get better soon'), Sara :-) xox

  • Happy birthday viv and we all hope you are better soon so you can

    use your shiny new watch, Ed x

  • Aw only catching up today having been v poorly meself, sorry you have been rough, especially on your birthday! A belated happy birthday and get well soon!

  • Poor you Deryn :-(... Sounds like a plague over there and now it's going to be flooding so I'm sure that will do wonders for everyone's health. Stay warm and look after yourself Deryn, Sara x

  • I'm sorry I haven't logged in and missed your birthday. I hope you had a good day, despite the cough!

    Garmin is brilliant, lucky birthday girl :-) you will love it, I am not sure I could go out without mine now, I love checking out the stats afterwards :-)

    Get well soon! xx

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