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Week 4 - Run 1

I have been reading the blogs on here since starting the C25K and today joined as I wanted to give a bit of hope for anyone needing it!

I really seemed to struggle with week 3 which I completed 4 or 5 times as the first 3 minuter was such a struggle. Anyway this morning I thought I would jump up to week 4 (dreading the 5 minuters - in fact worried I would not be able to complete them).

I have just got back - and managed all the runs fairly well - even if I do say so myself!!! Admittedly I did slow my pace down - I think what I was doing still counts as a run!!

So - if anyone out there struggling on week 3 - you may have a pleasant surprise on week 4!!

Best wishes to all fellow shufflers :-)

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Good timing Blacky as I complete Week 3 tomorrow and had a peek at what awaits yesterday.

Have to say, it gave me a very real fear that I'm going to fail for the first time. I've looked at every next stage with some trepidation to be honest but still felt ready for the challenge.

Not this one but I also don't want to repaet any Week 3 runs.


Very well done, blackdogshuffler! It doesn't matter what speed you're running at but that you're doing the time. Best wishes for your next run! :)


Thanks Oona - in fact I just got back from my 2nd week 4 run - quite enjoyable again - although my feet were aching from the other day I think. Nothing else aches but my feet!

Good luck with week 4 Fingalo, I will be interested in how you get on!


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