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Do my feet look big in these?

Don't get me wrong here, I know my backside is the size of a small country (could be a song in there somewhere). Flushed with success at completing the program last week I treated myself to some proper running tights on Saturday (Decathlon ~ £35). These ones have a slightly fleecy inside, perfect for the sub-zero temperatures we've had for the last couple of weeks, perhaps a little overkill for the 5C at the moment? But as they're close fitting at the ankles even my dirty white trainers make my feet look like they could house families of barge people. Perhaps this is the reason I'm so clumsy, I am literally falling over my feet?

On a positive note they do feel better and warmer than the old track pants I was wearing previously.

Happy running everyone.



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Hi Jax i have the same problem in running tights, my feet look bigger.

I am not worried about it though.


Big shoes.... Big feet!


My shoes are size 14....


My mother-in- law asked me what size my feet were in trainers and them promptly commented "only a 7, they look a lot bigger than that"! Nuff said? :)


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