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Should I try to graduate with a stiff calf muscle?


I did Wk9R2 a few days ago and my left calf cramped up half way through, but I completed the 30 minutes. I really want to graduate, but don't want to injure myself as I've already got 50% of the target donation for Race for Life. It's still a little stiff, but not painfully so. Should I be patient and let it rest or should I go out and see if it's ok?

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Have a really good long walk building up your speed gradually, then start your run in the same way, slowly and increase speed very gradually, remember its not a race. Make sure you are well hydrated before setting off too, dehydration will cause cramp quicker than anything. If you sweat a lot while running (most of us do) try eating a food with a little extra salt in it a few hours before your run (salted crisps or peanuts are quite good). If cramp strikes slow down, stop and stretch and hopefully that will relieve it, its no fun and I used to get it but it has settled down now my body is more tuned to the demands I place on it. Well done for getting this far and I'm sure you will have a successful final run :)

PhilhollyGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thanks Oldgirl. I did a 5 minute warm up then managed 10 minutes jogging (which seems to be slower than my walking, so the notion of "speeding up" is a little alien to me :)) but then decided it wasn't doing my leg any good so I completed the 30 minutes by walking. I managed 3 1/2 km only.

I'm not sure it's a cramp, it feels like it, but it's constant now, just a really tight calf muscle. I'm sooo frustrated at not being able to graduate this week, I think it's going to take time to heal :'(

Thanks for the support, it means a lot


Hi Philholly

Sorry to hear that you've got a tight calf muscle, it's really frustrating but you need to be careful.

Since graduating, I've been working on my stamina and speed in an attempt to improve my current 5k running time of 36 minutes and have been running every two days for the last five weeks. Last week I felt my hamstring tightening up but rather than rest it for a couple of days I went out early last Sunday morning and just as I was about to complete the last of the faster interval minutes on the C25K+ speed session, I felt my hamstring pop which virtually stopped me dead in my tracks. So, over two miles away from home I slowly and painfully hobbled back and it's still sore and painful today - and I cannot see me running again for a couple of weeks at best.

Sadly, on this forum, having once been out for 12 weeks with Achilles problems, I've told others to listen to their bodies and too take it easy - and in this case I stupidly haven't followed my own advice.

So, take care and very best wishes on your Race for Life run.

PhilhollyGraduate in reply to hits

Thanks for the advice, hits, I'm so sorry you've got an injury too. I too am great at dishing out advice, but rarely listen to myself :)


With graduation just that one run away I can understand your frustration in having to rest that foot. However, rest it you must otherwise you are likely to be out of action for a lot longer. You've got far enough for your fitness not to be affected by a few days rest and you can then go out and achieve your graduation. The R4L is important so I would advise not to risk that for the sake of a few days now. Good luck for a speedy recovery and best wishes.

PhilhollyGraduate in reply to Hidden

Wise words indeed, Fitmo. I'm impatient, but, as you say, the R4L is important and I'm already over the 50% mark for donations, so that's the priority.

Many thanks

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