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How Can I be Addicted So Quickly? Is running with an injury a bad idea?

Well, I'm not sure where this running bug has come from, but it is biting hard!

I've only just finished Wk 1, as a knee injury interfered with my good intentions. Runs 1 and 2 were fine, but after Run 3 I had a really bad pain in my left knee (so bad that it would wake me up in the middle of the night and demand painkillers.)

Luckily I have private medical insurance, so off I popped to see a Consultant, and he suspects a meniscal tear, so I'm awaiting an appointment for an MRI. As time passes though, I'm not convinced he's right, and I'm sat here thinking that maybe it will be ok for me to go for a little run on it...just to check whether I could manage it...

I am desperate to get out on the road again. My lovely new trainers are sitting in the hall, loking very forlorn and lonely. They are crying out to be taken for a little run/walk around the block!

Am I mad?

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LOL - yes, you are possibly mad - bitten by the running bug!

If there's a chance that you've got a meniscal tear, then don't run on it. Wait until you know for sure what it is. Easy walking should be alright.

Be patient and ignore your trainer's pleas until you've had the MRI results!


Hi cookie, i agree with viv you dont want to make things worse. If you havent

run in years like a lot of us, the body takes months to adapt. It would be very

easy to get a worse injury and get disheartened. Going for a brisk walk for now

is probably the best idea as the impact is less and still very good exercise.

It is surprisingly addictive too. Good luck, Ed x


Cookiedooodle - (love the name :-) )


If it's a meniscal tear you could very easily make it worse and end up needing a menisectomy.

If it's not a meniscal tear it might well be something like Chondromalacia (patellofemoral syndrome) which needs physio BEFORE you start running on it - I can tell you ALL about this if you want to know... I have had two five minute runs in the past 6 weeks... it is VERY boring to have and takes AGES to get better.

Apologies for all the shouting but PLEASE wait till you have a proper opinion before running on a painful knee. Another option for you might be a sports physio?

Good luck and keep us posted :-)


I meant the sports physio might be a quicker option - he would be able to tell you if it was a meniscus or whatever and give you some pointers about what to do about it while you were waiting for the MRI. I know you sometimes have to wait a while when it's a non-emergency.


It is with a heavy heart that I have to agree with the others. This sounds like it is much more than just the typical sore muscles that go along with starting a new activity. I would hate to see you push it and then do more damage. It may not seem like it, but a slow return to running now is definitely better than returning and then injuring yourself even moreso!

Best Wishes!! :-)



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