It is with sad regret

I started running back in April at the age of 46. Having never ran in my life before it was a great personal achievement when I graduated in July & even managed to participate in a 5k run.

I've kept up with it although only managing a 4k run 2/3 a week. These last 2 months though I have constant pain in my knees & legs & rely on painkillers on a daily basis. I've finally given in & listened to my hubby & daughter -they've advised me to pack it in. I honestly think I'm one of those people who just aren't meant to run. I can't go on with this pain any more. I have friends same age, 8-10 years older running 20 miles plus a week who don't get any pain. My sister had to give it up a few years ago so I guess it runs in our family (excuse the pun!)

So, I'll continue working out at the gym-cycling, rowing, I suppose the cross trainer will be ok.

Goodbye to all those who have taken the trouble to make comments on my blogs & questions & good luck to all those starting out.


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14 Replies

  • Sorry to hear that but you're doing the right thing listening to your body! All the best

  • Thankyou AliB1 x

  • Have you been to see a proper sports physio? Had gait analysis done? Do you run only on roads?

  • Not seen a sports physio. Had my gait done. Used to run on the roads but have been running on the treadmill recently.

  • I would see a sports physio before giving up entirely, clanger. A few weeks exercises specific to your particular legs might make all the difference, and if it doesn't, well, you tried. There's obviously something going wrong somewhere in your legs and if you can correct that you'd be the better for it even if you don't keep on with the running much.

    All the best whatever you decide! x

  • sorry Clanger , but you must do what you think it right.

    A trip to a physio might help as others have advised above.

  • All of the above. Don't give up without getting proper advice first. You've worked so hard to get this far.

  • Thankyou everyone. Has anyone been to a sports physio? If so, has it helped? They are quite pricy

  • I'm currently seeing a sports physiotherapist for my injury - iliotibial band and inner thigh muscle injury. I've had two sessions during which she has: diagnosed the problem, given my leg deep massage, done an acupuncture session on the IT band and muscle, physically manipulated the leg to stretch the muscle, shown me exercises to perform at home and applied kinesiology tape to aid healing.

    I have another session later this week. I can't say if her help has fixed my problem as I only experienced pain when running and I'm forbidden from running for now, but now the problem has been diagnosed I've read about it and am confident the massage and other treatments are helping.

  • Sorry to hear of your troubles also swanscot. Hope the physio sorts it out for you. Are you doing any other form of exercise?

  • Just a little walking, a little on the static bike and lots of yoga.

  • Sorry to read about your situation Clanger, whatever you decide to do best of luck to you. :-)

  • Thankyou notbad

  • Sorry to hear this, clanger. I agree with what the others say about seeing a sports physio OR even getting a referral from your GP to a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in knees - do a bit of research and see if you can find one who runs as they will be sympathetic and may be able to not only diagnose the problem but have the expertise to suggest something that can remedy the problem. It may well be that you need to strengthen other muscles to support the knees, change your footwear or, yes, running may not be for you - but it would be a shame to give up when you've come so far. (BTW, I work for 5 x orthopaedic consultants, so I'm not just talking out of my head LOL!)

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