W4R3 (for the third time). Does this EVER get easier?

I'm struggling with the cold air. My asthmatic lungs really don't like it. My lungs are objecting quite loudly to the cold air (I sound like a creaky barn door). In every other way, I love this weather. Due to the ineptitude of my respiratory system, I have repeated the week four run 5 times rather than three but I just seem to be getting slower!! :-(

I was having a vociferous internal dialogue last night, arguing with myself about whether or not I'm ready to move on to week 5 and 8 minutes. Driving to work this morning I realised that I didn't have to make that decision today as I would be running on my way home and I hadn't downloaded the week 5 podcast. Accidentally on purpose I wonder??

On the last 5 minute run, I realised that there had been a minor landslide and half of the pavement I was 'running' along had fallen into the stream next to it. I took my mind off the fact that I felt like I was dying by entertaining myself with wondering who I would phone if I fell into the stream; my friend who lives nearby or my partner who was a couple of miles away. Maybe even the emergency services if I'd hurt myself badly. Suddenly, Laura was telling me I could walk now. It's amazing how the thought of minor calamities can occupy the mind! :-)


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  • I have asthma and struggled with the cold air too. I now use a treadmill when I can and it has been fantastic. I miss being outdoors as I live in a beautiful marina but I don't want to end up taking a load of medication again. Is there any way you could get to have a go inside? Even if it was only once to show you can do it, it's just those pesky lungs holding you back.

    Best of luck, I really feel for you!

  • P.s loving the blog hilarity!

  • Thanks Jeddahpm. My lungs recover relatively quickly once I get inside again, and I'm still managing to complete the runs, albeit slowly, so I don't think I'll be heading indoors any time soon. Besides, I have a pathological fear of treadmills. I'm convinced I'll fall off, get dragged underneath and become part of the belt!

  • Lol I know what you mean!

  • Don't know if it ever gets easier and can't really be any help on the asthma front except to say some people find breathing through a buff helps. I would say give week 5 and see how it goes. Good Luck what ever you decide hoping the cold air warms up soon :-)

  • Go grey go grey ????

  • Sorry i am not sure where the question marks came from :-*

  • I'll forgive you anything Ed! x

  • Ooh i love you Sian :-*:-*:-*:-*

  • It's mutual ;-)

  • Slow doesn't matter. Just getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other (and hoping that the land doesn't slip from under them) is the way to go.

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