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Total wuss!

So we had a half inch of snow yesterday morning, the buses apparently were delayed by 55 minutes (according to school), my boss didn't make it in to work. Took Fred out for a walk last night round the local streets, it was cold, the roads were clear but the paths still had snow and ice on them, all crusted over and in parts slippery.

So this morning is my usual Thursday morning trot round the streets. I bottled out and went on the treadmill. What a wuss! I just looked out the bedroom window, saw frost on the roof and decided I would treadmill instead of going round the streets.

Roll on Saturday.......

(I stuck at it though, in 40 minutes (including 2 minute warm up and 1 minute cool down) I managed to cover 5.7k. Much better than my normal 20 minutes and I'm bored so going back in.)

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Hey, at least you ran on the treadmill!

I look out, see the frost and climb back into bed :(


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