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It's not the speed or the distance that counts - it's the doing it! (under the weather :( :( )

I've been feeling under the weather since Saturday evening. Nothing serious - just a stinking cough, tight chest, and a sore head that makes any movement sore.

I slept most of yesterday afternoon...

Today I felt marginally better (still the cough and the tight chest, but headache much better - although still present), so I did something I vaguely wanted to do yesterday: I went for a run.

I planned a 3.04km route, and managed 2.95km by cutting it short: I am not counting this as a failure.

why? Because in previous times I would have seen the rain, counted my cold and said "nah - it's definately not worth going outside. for any reason. Must. stay. warm. at all costs." But today, knowing how I often feel after a run (increased belief that I 'can do' stuff) I just put on my running gear and just went for it.

I made sure I wrapped up. Thermals on my legs, long-sleeve cotton shirt, loose cycling top over that (for the ipod/keys/phone), rugby shirt, thermal buff, gloves. I made sure that I plodded at my usual pace. My aim was to get warm enough that I would sweat but not so much I made myself worse.

I think it worked. I did feel much better physically afterward - especially after showering. I felt pretty much back to full health. Still have the cold, but it doesn't feel as bad... although maybe that's partly because I know I don't have to be defeated by it!!!

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Snap!! I too have had a nasty head cold since Saturday and been off work the last 2 days as feeling rough. Been itching to run though especially as it has been really sunny here though cold so went for it this afternoon and did a gentle 20 min run. Feeling better and chuffed with myself for doing it and not wimping out - my, how my attitude has changed since starting this program, just like yours......! Who would have thought?? Well done on making the effort and definitely not a fail!! Hope you are soon fully recovered HH.



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