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w7r3 - 6 runs left!

Completed week 7 yesterday on a bitterly cold, icy but sunny morning. Got new personal best time, and ran 2.8 miles, which is 4.5k. Tantalisingly close to the goal. I am determined to get those last 500 metres in the remaining 5 mins. So week 8 begins tomorrow, which may have to be on a treadmill due to mucho snowio up here in them thar hills. I hope not, so far I have only done 1 run of the whole programme on a treadmill, and it was boring! So bring on week 8.

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Well done rfawag on the PB and finishing week 7, fingers crossed you can get back out on the road soon. All the best for the next two weeks :)


Congratulations and welcome to W8, Louise!! I remember counting down the runs to graduation, also!!

Keep Running!! :-)



WELCOME TO WEEK 8!!!! You are getting so very close to that shiny green badge! ;-) Can you believe you only have just a few runs left to graduate? You are doing great!!!!! Gayle


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