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Icy pavement finally drove me to the treadmill

After worrying that the darkness would make me set foot in the gym it was actually the slippery ground that made me cross the dreaded threshold and use a treadmill.

I think I prefer running outside. I missed the cooling breeze and the treadmill is much more boring. The music in the gym was also much worse than Laura's. I'm also grateful to those on the forum who had warned that treadmills can affect your balance. As a result I didn't fall over when getting off which would have been embarrassing

On the upside I liked having the info on speed which will help me pace myself better and know how fast I need to be.

I will stay outside whenever I can but the gym is an ok option

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I know what you mean. I stepped out my front door

yesterday to go to my local Parkrun and went base

over apex on the icy step. Still went running though!


I totally agree! Have resorted to the treadmill for fear of slipping on ice but do miss the great out doors. I have managed to achieve more distance and better speed on the treadmill which is a bonus and, like you, I like the digital display but nothing beats a crisp morning run in the open air. I guess as long as we're running we're doing something right!


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