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The woods vs. the gym... five advantages of each

December. Winter. Snow. I knew when I started this programme last July that winter would see me indoors, what I didn’t know was that my horrible knees would be keeping me on the bike and cross trainer when what I really want to do is go on the treadmill. But I’m trying to be patient, I’m doing my exercises and I’m going to wait till my knees give me the go-ahead before I start running again. (And if that sounds too disgustingly sensible, well, if I hadn’t ignored my wonky knees at the start of my own tale of woe I might have been a lot better right now… :-( )

But let’s stay positive, can’t change the past so let’s think about the advantages of running/exercising in both the gym and the woods.

1. In the woods you are alone with nature. In the gym you have cheerful and motivating company.

2. The woods are free. The temperature in the gym is comfortable in winter too.

3. You can take your own music to the woods. The music in the gym is like Laura’s and you hear it even with your ipod on BUT you get better at keeping to the beat.

4. In the woods you are surrounded by beauty. In the gym you can chat to your neighbour, admire people’s clothes, hair-do’s, make-up, nail polish, tattoos, muscles, figures (male and female!), and when you get tired of all that there’s always the telly…

5. No one laughs if you have a wobble in the woods. There are plenty of people in the gym to pick you up, dust you down and give you something to drink when you wobble off your machine.

I won’t say which I prefer… it’ll be the gym for me till springtime now anyway… and then we’ll see :-)

Any more ideas? :-D

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Mitts, I was hoping the knees were better! :-( I'm an outdoor runner so I really have no input on the advantages, disadvantages of gym vs. woods. Anything to get me closer to the outdoors and wildlife is the direction I prefer. I'm dreading the Winter months here and trying to get out to run, but we will see what happens. Sending good vibes your way for the knees to start cooperating! Gayle


Thanks Gayle - it is boring but apart from doing the ex's etc I just have to be patient. At least it's winter! Think I'll buy a foam roller too, a lot of people seem to find them helpful. And painful... :-D

Hope you can keep going outside and keep your own knees behaving themselves!


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