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Almost there but injured at wk9 r2

I am so close now, I have taken about 13 weeks but I am 1 run away from graduating and I have injured myself. I did r2 yesterday after a gap of a week (sick daughter off school prevented running). My lower back felt a bit tight when I was running and now have a constant pain around my lower back and right hip and top of my thigh. I've also got a throbbing pain on the top of my right foot just below my toes. I am guessing that after a week off of running I wasn't warmed up enough and that has caused the injury , wondered if any of you have experienced anything similar. I am really hoping it will heal quickly as I really enjoyed yesterdays run and was even able to speed up for the last minute which has happened before!!!

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Oops should have typed "it hasn't happened before"!!


Hi Secretrunner and bad luck - but you'll get back out there in time, just make sure you are 100% ready first.

I had a lot of back problems a couple of years ago, and as well as the usual stretches my physio gave me this one, you don't often see it but for me it worked wonders:

I would try keeping warm, nice hot baths etc, gentle stretches, and if it's not better in a day or two see your doc or a sports physio. The fact that you've got leg pain as well as back pain might mean that you've damaged a couple of bits of you - listen to what the guy on the video says - and while I think help offered on this forum is great - especially on Sundays :-) - I'm a great believer in consulting an expert who has all your bits right there in front of him/her if the combined efforts of yourself and people here don't improve things very quickly.

Good luck!


Thanks Mitts will try this exercise and will be patient (not my forte) and see how it develops over the next few days!


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