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5K Finally Cracked!!!

Although not a regular blogger, I was on here a couple of weeks ago after a very disappointing "Stamina" run a week after graduation. Couldn't see how to get to the elusive 5k. Well I must admit that, despite the encouraging words of a lots of lovely people on here, it knocked me back for a week or so and nothing seemed to work for me. BUT .... today I did it!!!! My first Park Run!

I so nearly talked myself out of it - wanted to wait until I was certain I could complete it - but a dear friend, who doesn't even like running but is generally much fitter than me, persuaded me and came along to keep me company. Time was 37:35 which I know is not brilliant but I would've been happy with anything under 40. To be honest I was happy to be still standing! At least I know I can do it and can work from there.

So ... Thank you everyone for your advice - It was all good even though it took me a while to pick myself up and follow it. Today, finally, I really do feel like a runner ????

PS My friend who doesn't like running ejoyed it so much she's talking about "next time"!

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Hi lolb well done on your first Parkrun. I am a fan of them as i like

to run with other people. I am only on W3 of C25K but i did my third

Parkrun today. I find them hard work still but oddly addictive!

Good luck and keep going Ed


You did fab for your first Parkrun...I hope you were whooppppeeeddd over the finish line! Does not matter about the time as you are running for you. And one thing to remember is every 5k / park run is time at my newish local one is 2 mins slower than the other one I have run!! Keep up the good work!!! :) :)


This is great, lolb! We don't have a park run near us but we've entered the Glasgow Santa Dash 5k next Sunday! It's taking quite a bit of organising to get us there for an 8.45 am registration (staying with a cousin in Cumbernauld) but hopefully it'll be worth it! I don't think it's timed - it's just for fun and charity - but hoping to share in the collective high so many of you get from running together! Try the 5k+ podcasts to get your time down if you've graduated - they really do work! :)


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