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Parkrun Kawana in C25k t-shirt and other reflections on running in Australia

Not sure if these URLs will work but here are some photos of me in my C25k T-shirt from the Kawana Parkrun Facebook page.

I'm just back from visiting my sister in Queensland. I found out from my niece who has been using another 5k app that a Parkrun had started a few weeks before at Kawana literally across the road from my sister's house. So I donned my running gear on Saturday morning to join in. As this is a farily new Parkrun there were only about 40 runners compared with the 300+ I'm used to in Edinburgh. The course was similar to my usual Edinburgh Parkrun at Cramond in that it was a seafront path, out and back with a loop at the turning point. In Kawana the loop is round Point Cartright lighthouse which is on a headland and hence involves quite a steep climb. It was also a lot hotter - 24deg even at 7 in the morning so I struggled to run the whole way. Despite that I managed a time of 30.36 which I was pleased with and everyone was friendly and chatty at the finish. And one other nice thing was I went for a paddle in the sea to cool off at the end in water, the sea temperature was about 24deg too. Can't see me doing that at Cramond!

I did the same route a few times when I was there both early morning and late afternoon as it was too hot to do midday. I never did manage to run the whole way as it was really quite hot in the bits with no shade.

I go out to Oz every couple of years but this was the first time since I became a runner and it added a new dimension to the experience.

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Wow! Well done and what a piccie!


Hiya wilmacgh

Welcome to my part of the world...(I am in SA) but so nice to see a fellow CKer on the path....good on you and what a bonus just across the road, ya couldnt get any closer eh....your pic brought a warm glow to my heart...were you located on the sunshine coast as not sure where Kawana is...I go and visit my aunty on the gold coast and am looking forward to doing a parkrun when I go up there, yeah its hot here hey....did you have the flies to content with too....(have to keep your mouth shut otherwise they fly in)..... but so nice you could go and cool down in the sea, well hope you had a great time visiting, nice memories for you...seeing your pic along the beach makes me want to go again...'

Pinkus xx


Thanks. I'd looked on the web and found parkruns in Brisbane and the Gold Coast so was really pleased to find one at Kawana. It's on the Sunshine Coast just south on Mooloolaba.

No problems with flies but had to avoid a bush turkey at one point!


Great piccies - you look really speedy in the first one ! A good time too, especially with it being so hot. Well done :-)


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