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No running until the new year for me :(

So after going to the doctors on Tuesday I went to see a proper sports physio this evening.

I've definately got plantar fasciitis. Looks like it will take at least 4 weeks to heal.

What a drag and just when I'd got myself to a decent level of fitness!

She seemed to think it was because I mainly run on trails and doing a 10k road race on tarmac caused it.

Still it feels a bit better after a sports massage and my foot is currently all strapped up!

So it looks like I will have to take up swimming for the time being!

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So sorry to hear that Mark but you are doing the right thing, well the only thing, by resting. Plenty have been forced to stop due to injury but come back and carry on so no reason why you wont either. Swimming is and ideal way to keep fit and cross train in the meantime!

Take care and hope to hear from you in 2013!



Sorry to hear that Mark. I too am out of the game-3 weeks last Wednesday. i was tackling the stamina pod and right at the end got rushed by a dog coming towards me. So, what did i do? I avoided the pesky thing! In doing so i wrenched my knee. Went to my osteopath on Tuesday, as my back playing up too (the posture in the way I was walking affecting it), and I've torn the ligament. He gave it a good going over (ouch!), and my husband has to be a bit of a masochist and continue the treatment. it is working, but think I'll be out for another few weeks until fully recovered. If you ever get a knee problem retro walking helps apparently, as it strengthens the muscles supporting the joint, so will try some of that once less painful.

Do hope you recover soon mark-but don't rush it! :-)

Colette x


I feel your pain, Mark - not literally as mine is in my thigh. not my foot - but I too am out of action as I mention here:

I know what you mean about being particularly down about an injury when you feel you've reached a good level so fitness.


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