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No running for me until after Christmas got Rosacea :(

I was one run away from completing the B210K programme and developed a progressive red swollen face with blistering.I went to Drs who diagnosed rosacea ? from running for an hour in -4 degrees :( The rash then became infected and I am now on my second course of antibiotics.I have been advised not to get hot/sweaty or drink red wine as this will make the rash a lot worse! I hope I will be able to start running again soon and maintain my stamina after this break.Any advice out there very welcome please.Has anyone else suffered from rosacea?

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Poor you :( I have a tiny tiny patch on one cheek. My skin does get quite red and inflamed in the cold so I slather on a thick layer of vaseline on those bits before I go for a run which seems to help protect it.


O poor you! One lady I met at run club rubs vaseline (or the PoundShop equivalent) all over her face to prevent this. Your stamina will be fine even after this enforced break I am sure! Take care x


So sorry you had to stop so near to your goal. I imagine you are gutted. We all send you loads of sympathy and encouragement. At least you know its temporary and something you can take precautions against in the future (sounds like Vaseline does the trick). Lots of us have had enforced breaks for various injuries. I had top stop for 3 weeks for a calf injury and I got back up to speed within a few weeks. You don't lose your fitness that quickly.

Really look forward to hearing that you get to your 10k goal next year - it won't be long! Happy Christmas and New Year!


Thanks all and Merry Christmas!!


I hope it improves quickly for you.

A few years ago I had a skin condition called pityriasis rosea that covered my torso and face and was infuriatingly itchy. I tried all sorts to sooth the itchiness - the doctor has told me it always last for about 6 weeks - and the only thing that helped at all was pure coconut oil. I don't know if that might give you some relief ?

Recently, I had very dry sore skin on my chin for a few weeks so I've now got into the habit of using barrier cream before every outdoor run, to protect from the wind and cold.

Enjoy your Christmas (as best you can without red wine ;-) ) !!


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