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Feel like I just Graduated Again

I did my grad run on Oct 28 and the week after that did the usual 3 runs with no problem. Then Grad wk 2 it began to fall apart. still 3 runs but getting worse as they went on I started to stop running part way through the 3rd run. Last week only one run and that had more stopping in it. Last Friday on my favourite 'run' it almost became half and half with walking - I just could not do it. One bad run you can get over but these seemed to be building up, wasn't in my head so much as my body.

But then, This morning, first run of the week I went out with Stepping Stones on my favourite run, again, and nailed it! 5.5k in 35mins (incl 5 min warm up but not the cool down). Just goes to show how unpredictable this running lark is.

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LOL that is so good to know. I think I would have cried. You are so right - you just have to keep going to find out what's around the corner.I will keep this in mind - thanks.


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