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slippery slopes

Second run this week, and it was frosty but the worst thing was the ice. Very dangerous for the runner I can tell you and there is no grip on those trainers.

As I realised today as I almost skated across some large frozen puddles.

Still the sun was shining it was a beautiful run and I managed 8km.

take care everyone.

ps must remember to wear gloves next time!

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Oooh sounds dangerous indeed! I have been thinking about getting these grips for my shoes but not sure if I would actually venture out in the ice to run. At the same time though I dont want to miss any opportunities for running just because of the weather so may well invest in them anyway or add to my Xmas list!! The Yaktrax Pro are the ones to get as they have the extra strap across. You may get them cheaper elsewhere or on Amazon....

The run sounds good though and so much better than being indoors! Gloves are a necessity for me, even if I end up taking them off half way through.....

Happy running! Sue


Talking of which, I might just get myself a treadmill for the bad weather! The UK floods have just hit Italy and no way do I fancy running in ice and snow -- Ok so it's just a week or two, but now we're into running that is a long time. Question is, will I ever manage to run on one of those contraptions!


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