Onto the primrose path and heading towards the slippery slope

Yesterday I had two big portions of cake with lashings of whipped cream - just delicious.This morning I was too tired to get up for my run at 6am so didn't bother. Had a creamy and carby scrummy lunch, and I don't even care! This doesn't bode well for my beach body but hey we cannot all be like Rignold . Bless his sweaty sox. However all is not lost. I did drag myself out for an evening run but was very tired so didn't do much but decided to run quite fast (basically to stay awake). Did it, it wasn't great, I didn't feel amazing and I didn't love it but so what? Aim to leave theprimrose path of dalliance on Sat and get back on track, if not you'll find me at the bottom of the slippery slope. Hopefully this is just a frivolous interlude and not the new me. Or is it?!


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14 Replies

  • We're all human so don't beat yourself up. Life's too short not to indulge. I ate a huge bag of crisps the other day (my weakness), loved them at the time but felt like sh** the next day. Was it worth it? Yes! Every munchy, salty mouthful!

    But we need to make these days a one off and if you want that beach body then it's back to hard work, sweat and discipline. You know it makes sense ☺️

  • Just the other day I was on here posting how I can quite happily live off salad and the occasional steak. Also how I love my running and would be really disappointed to have to miss a run. However a greedy, slothful, unmotivated person popped up and weirdly, yes that's me too.

    Well never mind, I like the occasional splurge and I can be laid back about the odd low key run, I'm still a runner :)

  • Yes and I also posted about how particular I am with what I put in my mouth and the next week was guzzling venison flavoured  cr** like there was no tomorrow. I know that greedy, slothful person too.......

  • I like the candid posts about falling off the "Health Wagon".  This helps me see the need to be realistic with myself. I'm going to crave chocolate somewhere along the line but I need to make it conscience decision. I know if I completely " deprive" myself it just makes me want or crave it more. So I'm telling myself "you can have 1oz of dark chocolate a week". It doesn't mean I'm going to eat it but it's there if I wanted it. Setting the limit and sticking to it will help me not kick myself too hard for indulging a little. 

  • That sounds like a good plan. Nothing more tempting than forbidden fruit!

  • Oops....!  You blipped... that is all; IP is right.. we are not automatons... we are human beings, and we all stray. occasionally, from that Primrose Path you speak of.

    You are made of strong stuff...you will be back out there Saturday and running the Path of Delight!!!! :)

  • I hope so. I just somehow got through my last run. Have to get out earlier come what may. Where I run there are lots of artificial lakes, pools and canals - stagnant water. In the evening it was mosquito feeding time so clouds of them everywhere. Does make you run faster I suppose.

  • It does... eeekekekek. i have a very bad reaction to bitey things... have to carry a reverse hypodermic thing to get bites out of me!!!!

    Actually, if I ran where there were some, like you say.. I might run faster!!! Another 'cunning plan' ?????

    Go you... you will do this! :)

  • Just get it out of your system!! You won't "need" a fix like that for weeks again. My hub brought back cake yesterday but we didn't really need to have finished it between us before The Chase had even finished....

  • I'll run all the better for it on Sat! Well maybe not but the odd blip doesn't make a new bad habit I hope. My dad says, everything in moderation, including the odd treat. Mind you he complains he is overweight!

  • Don't be too hard on yourself we all do it. I got a long weekend off work and my philosophy is high days and holidays are fine to indulge. I try not to go too far but the harsher I am with myself in between the further off the rails I go. You'll be fine it's only a little blip :)

  • I agree holidays are there to be enjoyed but I do occasionally go off the rails for a bit at other times too. Need to watch that. I think it doesn't matter if you keep up the exercise but if you slouch on that whilst over-indulging, well it ain't good.

  • So, you had a "be kind to yourself" day and it made you smile, that's the important thing.

  • Thank you, yes you're right, I indulged myself a bit. I'm still a lean, mean running machine underneath.

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