Sunny, slippery...and a snail on half-speed!

Okay.. no rain on the hills ( or at least on this Hil yesterday morning.)

A postcard blue sky, and crisp and clear as I set out, a little later than usual just after 8.30. a.m.

I was taken by surprise by the cold; the temperature was only down to minus 1.5, but the unexpected chill as I breathed in made me taking a drink of ice cold water.

I pulled my Buff up well over my nose and headed off. Again, taken by surprise by the twinkling gleam of ice on the road as I started my five minute walk.

I had decided to go for the Speed repeat, as I felt so much better after Sunday's damp, but enjoyable run. Thwarted again in my route choice, (as the pavements down to the village were like glass); the sun had not yet had time to melt the thin layer of ice from a cold night. So... back up the hill! I am being very Pollyanna-ish about the hill. All the runs I have done up the hill, must have strengthened my legs and improved my fitness levels! Hmm... !

Turning left at my decide point.. I passed the school crossing man, he waved and asked me how I was feeling, he said, I look much better! Funny isn't it how a friendly smile, wave or greeting can lift your spirits and lighten your step. A bit slower towards the roundabout... the sun glinting off the top of the lights and the white, white feathers of a lone seagull.. perched on top of the lamp. He looked like he was made of white marble, unmoving, as I prepared for my first run...

It was difficult; whether it was the cold air , or a left-over bronchitasaurus germ, I am not sure ,but I did have trouble settling my breathing. I had to really concentrate for the first five minutes and was not sure whether I was going to carry on and not just walk. However, as we keep telling each other, I listened to Laura and just followed the tips steadily. My legs were feeling a tad leaden, but I tried to remember to lift my heels and run tall. It helps because I am so busy looking around, that my head is usually up!

The bright blue sky, dotted now with wisps of pink tinged fluffy cloudlets, drifting fairly aimlessly, high, high above and the sun tinged the topmost tips of the tall Silver Birch with gold and the straggly leafed plane trees, on the edge of the golf course. Still, I found it a bit heavy going and was actually losing my 'Pollyanna, reason to be glad' feelings, about the hill, but as I say to folk on this site, onwards and upwards. I really listened to Laura, conscious that my fists were tight and my shoulders were nearly up to my ears.. relaxed, breathed deeply and even dropped my buff for two big breaths. That will kill off any pesky bronchial lurgy germs, I thought!

Only went half way up the hill for this podcast and turned for the homeward run. It was, as ever easier going downhill. I managed to relax into a somewhat easier style, a Jenny Wren bounced along under the hedge in an encouraging way and a blackbird on top of the oak whistled happily as I passed. Thinking a lot as I ran, about some of the posts I had been reading.. newcomers, old hands. week fivers, and sixers struggling with the changes in pace.. all of us sympathising, empathising, cajoling, encouraging, and even slightly pushing each other, all doing it together.

A lot of those positive vibes and the comments from old and new faceless friends, got me through the run. I managed to keep the pace pretty well, but my response to Laura's (... let's finish in style) left a lot to be desired. I was just thinking, I need to finish this! I was tired and very glad to get my breath back. I was pleased though, because the last burst of speed before the walk-down, was up an maybe I am not as decrepit as I felt!

I was not sure if i would manage the run yesterday, but I am glad I did..the saying which loads of us know by heart popped into my head;

"The body achieves, what the mind believes..." For all of us at whatever stage we are at, how true that is.

Happy runs, everyone.. I love being part of this :)


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12 Replies

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  • I'm going to give Speed another go tomorrow. I've been inspired by your post!

  • Go you..I really like it..just a bit under par still,I think.

    It grows on you..and when it comes

  • Speed is my fav go to when I want to let go :) when I use it now I carry on and do a slow run home to finish off :)

  • Nice one..I love the whole running for pleasure,with no pressure ,following graduation:)

  • Well done Oldfloss - sometimes the runs are more pain than pleasure but the virtuous glow of achievement always makes it worthwhile! One of our running buddies, MilesYonder used to call hills his 'inclinous friends' because they made his running stronger.

    Personally, I try to avoid 'em! Hehe!

  • Me too.. thanks Ullyrunner.. just felt a little bit of an old snail yesterday...better today! I

    love that.. I may use it his, 'inclinous friends'! :)

  • Love your posts, OldFloss! I can almost smell the air, hear the birds and feel I know the school-crossing man!

    Also love this forum for being so inspiring. It really is a fantastic help to see what others have achieved and realise that maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to crack this running lark this time round. Thanks for being part of the encouragement, empathy, cajoling etc!

  • Love it that you are there with me.. it is a great forum.. people there when you need them. :)

    You will crack it... if I can, you can.. we have to just go for it...;)

  • Superb Old Floss, absolutely superb! Another literary pearl of a post on your clear joy of running (even the cold, tough ones) and appreciation of everything around you. I am an avid reader, also love words, and could read your delightful rural running ramblings all day, keep them coming!

    As so many have said before and will say for a very long time to come, you are truly an inspiration and a cracker! :) x

  • Well.. unfortunately or fortunately.. the words have this habit of slipping out of my head down to my fingers.

    I am finding the running and the writing so therapeutic.! I am just really lucky to be able to share my running and my ramblings with lovely people like you.)

  • Absolutely beautiful as always Floss.

    We are very lucky that you share your lovely thoughts on here with us !

    Yes it is very cold tonight here in South Manchester . My hands were absolutely freezing when I ventured out earlier. I was wishing that I had taken my gloves , but then after a while, my raging hormones kicked in and I was very toasty from then on , well apart from the icy raindrops towards the end , but they were quite refreshing so I cant complain :-)

    Lets hope the cold air has kicked all your lingering bronchial germs into touch ! :-) xxx

  • So beautiful. Thank you. ๐Ÿ˜‡

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