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Running again after time off

So I know this question has been asked in various forms multiple times but here we go again... I completed week 7 (painfully and slowly but did complete!) about three weeks ago and then got a cold and then had many exams and then to be honest couldn't be bothered to go out! Now, I have still not got to that revolutionary point where I love (or even like!) to run but I do like how being more active makes me feel the rest of the week. Plus I am way too stubborn not to graduate now I have gotten this far!

So, I would really appreciate any advice on where to start back - should I just redo week seven or after three weeks of nothing do I need to go further back in the plan? Thanks to everyone in advance and also thank-you for all your blogs - I don't post very often but I really enjoy reading a few when I need motivation!

Just went back and counted ... it may have been more like 4 weeks since I ran. oops!

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Hi there Michigan! First of all well done for having gotten this far!

My advice would be to go back a week -- I would redo week 6 with the interval running so as to strengthen you for the longer runs in weeks 7, 8 and 9. I remember week 8 being quite hard for me, the stop go of weeks 5 and 6 are extremely useful and helpful to give you that extra umph! Good luck!


I agree with Delia. I graduated back in September, then a couple of weeks later a knee injury took me out. Various other things (read my blogs if you want the full lowdown!), including the change of season, meant that I haven't run more than a few times since. After such a long gap, I decided going back to intervals for a while (starting with attempting W6,R1) would be a good idea. I've done the run twice now (with a gap of probably two weeks in between, oops), and plan to do it and W6,R2 a few times until I'm sure my body can handle the long runs again.

Try W6,R2 and see how you get on. Is it as hard/easy as you found it the first time? Rinse and repeat, or go back a little further (week 5 intervals) according to how you feel. I've just bought a Garmin and have found it's provided the motivation I had been lacking. Maybe there is something you can treat yourself to for your runs that will provide that motivation?

Best of luck with your running and let us know how you get on. :)


Firstly, thank-you both for the advice and encouragement!

So on Thursday I trotted down to the little gym in my apartment building only to find all the treadmills were taken, rather than waiting I decided to have a go on the cross trainer/elliptical thing (my knowledge of machines in a gym in limited!) and I managed to go for 25 minutes. So today I headed down again and nabbed a treadmill and after the usual warmup I set it on my slower side and started jogging, I was planning to do either week 6 run 1 or 2 depending on how I felt, I got to 5 minutes and was feeling good so carried on to 10 minutes when I was still feeling good so I decided to see if I could run for a full 25. Anyway at about 14 minutes it started getting pretty tough but my stubbornness kept me going and I did run for 25 minutes. It was a very tough run however and I think I might have pushed a little too hard so my plan is to maybe do an interval run next followed by at least three more of week 7 before moving on to week 8. Fingers crossed it works, I would love to graduate before the new year!


That's brilliant, well done. :) Make sure you give your body enough rest to recover and repair (personally I found I needed two days rest between some runs around this point in the programme) and enjoy the journey, rather than rush to get to the end. ;)

I went out for a run tonight (in the cold and wet) with no specific goal in mind, other than to get out and run and get myself back into the regular habit. I did the loop I set out to and ran for 15 solid minutes. Will go back to intervals for the next run as I want to build back up gradually so I don't cause an injury.


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