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Nearly half way!!

Ouch!!! Decided, despite pouring horizontal rain and near darkness to start week 5 as planned, was doing really well and (almost) enjoying myself when I slipped and fell on wet concrete. Will stick to running on the beach from now on!! Hopefully my trainers will be dry for run 2 on Wednesday :-)

Still, definitely feeling fitter and positive that I will make it to 5k :-)

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Ouch! Hope there is no damage.

It's a dangerous worl out there - keep at it. Mo :-)


No lasting damage ta and it was dark so no bruised ego either!!!

Hopefully Wednesday will be drier :-)


Hope you are OK. I have just got back from a run (well a slow jog) and will have to put my trainers in the boiler cupboard and hope they also dry out for Wednesday. Might have to think about getting a second pair of trainers to cope with all this rain.


Hi yes am ok ta, hobbling a bit earlier on but seem to be fully recovered now :-)

Definitely need extra trainers for this horrible weather!


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