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I'm renaming this programme: it's now called B25K

I went out and ran my graduation run this morning. I've not been out that way for what seems like ages and not done that particular route since the day I graduated. That's about 6 weeks ago.

Instead of Laura's full 5 minute warm up walk, I started running at the bottom of the hill as I do these days. So the run was about 5.1k rather than the scrape through 5.04k.

It's a nice 'easy' route, all the uphill climbs are at the beginning so the way home is the gradual downhill which you can stretch out on and pretend you're a real runner who's not shattered at the end of her run! ;)

I'm improving, I must be getting slightly fitter.....

Distance: 5.11k (5.04k)

Time: 33.57 (35.22)

Avg speed/km: 6.38 (7.02)

(Brackets are graduation run stats.

Why am I renaming it? That's the biggest change for me! Not the fact that I'm getting out there and running (that's just a means to an end, more exercise = more food when I get down to my 'target weight') but that I'm dragging myself out of bed early enough to do it. I was up at 7.30 this morning, out the house just after 8. This is a weekend chaps! I don't do early of a weekend, it's the time I catch up on sleep from having to get up and out early during the week! So, not couch to 5k, but BED to 5k!

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Well done Beads and all of us runners who resisted the duvet this very cold morning! :-)


Well done Beads, you show such determination and discipline! I'm ashamed to say it wasn't until late morning that I ventured out for my run yesterday, just in time for the rain to start!

I was interested in your stats as they are very similar to mine! I graduated at a similar time to you doing 5K in 35 mins. Yesterday I did 5K in 32.30 mins. It's great to know we keep improving after graduation! It really keeps me motivated as the elusive 30 min 5K is getting closer! Have you been doing the 5K+ podcasts? I have been alternating speed, stamina and my own run to music each week which seems to be doing the trick (oh and I have new shoes which may be the biggest contributory factor!) :)


well done for getting out of bed and running. I'm afraid I rather let the side down today, lounged around watching rubbish on TV (I have no idea why, I don't usually) and then went to the running show. Pretty poor. Must try harder :-)

I hope you made up for it by having a good lie in today :-)


No :( I don't get a lie in on Sundays as that's also a run day! Then Monday to Wednesday = work, Thursday = run. Friday though, I had a lie in last Friday then couldn't sleep that night!


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