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bad hair day = run: good hair day = no run

I didn't manage to get up early enough for a run before coming to the hairdressers this morning. I might squeeze in a run before my meeting this afternoon (so much nicer to run in the day, when it's bright and relatively cheerful - the one advantage of being 'between contracts'). BUT, if the trainees do a good job of my 'rough dry' then I won't want to mess it up by sticking my head in a cap and putting my hair in a pony tail, in which case I'll have to run tomorrow morning. Either way, I can't wait to try out my new 'running' music :-)

p.s. Happy Thanksgiving to all the stateside runners! Have a wonderful weekend

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Happy Thanksgiving to all those across the pond. xx

I can't blame my running for a bad hair day, most days are bad hair days for me and my tatty head, my hair just has a will and mind of its own I fear. :)


my hair has a will of its own too, I have 'big' hair. My hairdresser likes to give the trainees the challenge of taming my curls and blow drying it straight from time to time, it usually takes them about 90 minutes and a lot of product - its handy to have the occasional free blow dry, especially if I'm going out somewhere special :-)


It's a dilemma isn't it? Both make you feel good but I guess you don't go to the hairdressers three times a week so maybe enjoying your hairdo is the better option!


hair was getting too crazy to not go, especially as I'm hoping to arrange a few interviews over the next couple of weeks, have to look my best ;-)


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