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Back on the "dreadmill". W3 R1 .... again!

I had been under the weather since my last little venture outside. Since then I have not run or been to the gym. But with the weather being so awful, it was back on the old treadmill for me today. I have decided to stay on W3 until it feels easy-ish. The 3 minute runs are not such a shock to my system as they had been in the past, but I don't feel ready to tackle 5 minute runs just yet.

Today all I did was run. I didn't do weights or anything else. Just my run, then I went home. I am trying to gradually build up my fitness. I saw my Body Pump instructor running on the treadmill, she was running when I arrived, she maintained the same pace throughout my C25k and she was still running when I left AND would be taking the Body Pump class straight afterwards. This is a woman who is in her 40's (as am I).

It made me wonder about fitness. How long does it take to reach a fitness level where you can easily run for an hour? While I puffed and blowed to drag out 3 minutes of running, I wondered whether that level of fitness something we can all attain? When I started this over 6 weeks ago, I could not even run for one minute, now I can run for three, soon I could be able to run double that.

But what drives fitness - is it your muscles, or your breathing, or is it your mind, or a combination of all three. I have very strong legs, yet right now do not have the puff to run for longer than 3 minutes - that is very frustrating. Sometimes I wonder whether I will ever get fit - that's a mind thing. But it doesn't matter how much I think I want to run if my body just won't do it right now. How can I change that?

Any thoughts?

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I don't know the answer to that one I just know that when I started C25K I couldn't run of one minute without gasping for air and feeling like I was dying but now I have run 5k in 33 mins and can run for 30 mins without stopping (not saying it is easy but can run at a slow but even pace without being completely puffed out). I do no other exercise. I think if you just build up slowly and follow the programme the fitness and stamina will come. Good Luck and go for it :-)


Yes slowly, slowly wins the race ....


hmmm, difficult because i dont consider myself to be "fit" yet, but.... i have seen a difference in physical fitness since starting this programme and my whole lifestyle change. i can now run 3 minutes whereas a couple of weeks ago I couldnt. i think it has to be a mental attitude to want to get fit and well first and then doing something about it and then thats when the physical aspect comes in to it and thus physical fitness? but hey, im no expert just a nearly not a couch potato!! :-) ali


Sometimes I try and talk myself into running more, but the body is just unwilling at the moment. I too can run for 3 minutes. That would have been impossible 6 weeks ago. I am glad about that. Sometimes I lack motivation - maybe because I am expecting too much too soon. I know I will get there in the end. We all will.


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