I am in a dilemma. I graduated a couple of weeks ago. My husband has now decided to give C25K a try. I did week 1 run 1 with him last night. He wants to do it together but he is worried about me not getting my 30 minute runs in. I have 2 options I think. Either I run with him 3 times a week and run on my own a couple of times or I carry on running whilst he walks and just run away from him and back again (I don't want to look like an idiot or like I am showing off :))

What are your thoughts, I am sure that other people have done this before.


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12 Replies

  • Can you maybe go for your 30 min run and then go home and run W1 R1 with your hubby?

    After a 30 min run - it will be a bit of a challenge for you too. It would really increase your stamina especially as the weeks progress.

    But that would also take up double the time when you run - would you have time to do this?

  • I would let him do the C25k while you get on with your run. You can still go out on the run together and go home together. You don't have to be joined at the hip for his session. He will get on better on his own anyway as he has to listen to Laura.

    I suppose it's good that he wants to join you but you need your own space. LOL

  • I think this is the best response so far. And as an added bonus, you would be doing a b210k without even thinking about it.

  • I'd start with him and do the same programme. Support and encouragement are so valuable and if you can spur him on and make a runner out of him, you'll have company on longer runs and races in future. Invest a little now to reap the rewards

  • My husband and I do this. We run together, me on week 2 He on week 8. I run with Laura he runs his own thing. It works for us. Good luck. xx

  • I did C25K about 5 weeks in advance of my teenage daughter who is naturally MUCH faster than I am anyway. She just ran backwards and forwards saying 'Come ON mum !'

  • Snap :-)My number two son has taken a shine to the programme too and is now scratching at the door with the dog every time :-) he knows he's not allowed to talk to me oxygen is my priority) and runs off ahead then jogs on the spot till I catch up, or waits for me when he gets to the end of the run.

  • Kudos to your hubby for taking the plunge! I'd keep him company for the beginning, or at least until he's gained in confidence and got the running bug. It's tough when you start out. Run with him one day, and then run alone on his day off. It'll give you a bit extra for the fun and for the interval training, too.

  • I'd start off by joining him on his runs for the first couple of weeks and then doing your own thing and getting a decent run in on his rest days. I think you'll find that repeating weeks 1 to 3 with him on what are effectively your rest days isn't going to overstress you unduly. Review the situation when you get up towards week 5.

  • thanks all for your help. We are out tomorrow so I think I will run his 60 second with him and run his 90 second walks (there and back again). This way I can use his runs as my recovery runs I am hoping. :)

  • I think Adam's suggestion is a good compromise, been trying to persuade Mrs OG to give it a go.

  • For the early weeks you should be able to run with him then do parkrun or your own 5k on Saturday. I know it's 4 runs per week, but at least early on, running with your hubby should be reasonably easy.

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