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Just back from the dreaded W5 Run 3.....and survived to tell the tale

Hi all,

It's taken me about three weeks to complete W4 and W5 since I've been missing quite a few runs, and just not running as regular as a few things have got in the way. My last run was this Tuesday (W5R2), and have just got back from R3 this morning. Have been dreading this as I struggled a little with the two 8 min runs on Tuesday. Anyway, today was tough, but I managed it. It did feel like a huge achievement. The only time I paused for a few seconds was 19 minutes in, but to cross the road!!! Just been looking at my route and I cannot believe I ran all that way. I only managed 3.9km in the full 30 minutes (obv. including walk time). My av. speed was 5.90km/hr, and max speed was 8km/hr.

Have been a little less motivated recently, but after todays run I feel amazing, cannot believe it and looking forward to W6 which I am starting tomorrow evening (I know I shoud have a rest day but won't be able to run on Tuesday).

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Brilliant!! It's my turn on Tuesday for this most dreaded of runs. Fantastically well done you, and hope mine goes as well!!


Well done! That is a great achievement.

Dont want to put you off but I would have a rest before doing run 1 of week 6 tho, even if that means you not running for 3 days?

Many of us found run 1 week 6 really tough and I know for me it was tough because my legs were so tired after that 20 min run!

But if you feel ok, then I can understand where you are coming from, you may well be a lot fitter than I was to start with so you are the best judge x


Well done to you, fantastic.Great speed and distance as well. I agree with Deryn61 though wk6 is strangely hard for many of us and you maybe better off having a slightly longer rest. Good luck whatever you decide and keep running!


Very well done on getting through the 20 mins run! Its a great feeling isnt it?! I remember it well.....

I too agree with the others that you should really have a rest day or more if necessary to recover. Your muscles need to repair themselves and maybe even more so after your first "long" run. There is absolutely nothing wrong in having two or even three days of rest; you dont lose "it" thats for sure.

W6R1 can be pretty tough as we tend to go into it with a "if I can run for 20 mins this one must be a doddle" attitude and then it turns round and bites us in the bum! So beware; loads of us have been there so just want to help you through it.

Anyhow, whatever you decide enjoy the run!



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