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Just done the dreaded week 5 run 3!

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I'm so pleased with myself as I have just completed run 3 of week 5 and I had been dreading it, convinced I wouldn't be able to manage even half of it. I have to admit that I went v e r y s l o w l y and completed the run with a beetroot red face. I'm still feeling fairly tired over an hour and a half later but I am so proud of myself. I've just joined the community although I have been reading it for a week or so. Lucy

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Woo hoo and well done luckylockett10 on completing the 20 min run. It's such a major achievement. You should be really proud of yourself...I bet you've not stopped smiling!

Don't worry about speed. At this point its about being able to complete the time. Speed and distance will follow. :)

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Thank you so much for the encouragement!


As Ali says, don't worry about speed or distance, you are doing the right thing taking it slow and steady. Well done for achieving 20 minutes, it is such a great feeling, makes you more positive about the whole thing :)


I think I could probably walk faster than I can run but I'm still putting in a lot more effort when I'm running so I think it still counts!

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it absolutely does!!! i'm sure i still can walk faster than i can run!!

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Oh thank you! That is really reassuring!


well done you! i do it tomorrow! a bit aprehensive but the more posts i see of people completing it the better i feel so thankyou:)

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You can do it! If I can then ANYONE can! I am a very recent convert to exercise!


well done! I'll be doing that run on Tuesday and i keep telling myself it's mind over matter and you have proved it to me ;-)


Yay!!! Go you! Well done lucylockett, and just keep going! I'm reminded of the quote that Woody Allen is supposed to have said: 'Ninety percent of success in life is just showing up'. You showed up bigtime!!!


Great feeling isn't it - well done! :)


Congratulations!! and I know what you mean on slow running. I found a brilliant motivational poster online which has the phrase "No matter how slow you're running, you are still lapping everyone on the couch!" I love it and often think of it whilst running, brings a smile to my face :-)

Good running!

Well Done - I also compelted this run on Saturday, was so worried about it but relly chuffed with myself that I managed it!! x


Well done lucylockett! best feeling so far on the program,,,i did the same run last friday......just do what laura tells you and im sure speed and distance are going to come later.....just think in 4 weeks time we'll be running for half an hour!!

smiles as wide as anything.....


Well done - it's such a fantastic achievement isn't it? I completed it last Friday and I'm still buzzing from the feeling. I also was running so slow, I was practically going backwards but nevertheless we did it!! I would echo the sentiment, if I can do it, anyone can!! Congratulations again, it's such a milestone.


well done lucylocket.. w5r3 is a massive milestone.. and just to repeat whats been said, speed or distance dont matter at all.. YOU RAN FOR 20MINS!!!! very well done to you :)


well done lucy and well said tricky hicky!!

Same I was very apprehensive.slowed to a snail pace and finished!!

Hi Lucy, great news, great run. 😊 well done, thats a turning point. Youranfor20minsnonstop...

Keep up the good work...😊

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