Absolutely Gutted

so after the euphoria of completing run 3 of week 6 on Sunday I went out tonight to start week 7, but no from the minute I started it didn't feel right - it felt difficult and long story short I couldn't do it and stopped after only 20 minutes.

I am mortified and so disappointed with myself - on coming home and talking to my hubby who is a bit of a gym junkie he is convinced that I had no energy as I had not eaten enough today(I have just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes so trying to lose weight also).

To me it doesn't matter the reason why this is the first run I haven't completed and I feel like a failure....


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  • You are NOT a failure!!! You have had a bad run, which happens to everyone. Nothing in life is perfect every time you do it and running is no exception. Allow yourself a bit of a wallow in disappointment then dust yourself down and plan to redo the run when you are feeling better. Remember you have come a massively long way already and of course it will go brilliantly again!

    Bad runs are like anything else, use it to make the good ones feel even better. They will I promise you.

    Try to have a nice evening and please don't feel too sad


    Ps not, not, not a failure!!!!!!

  • Oh Joanne , please don't be so hard on yourself ! You have come so far, try and just put it down as experience, move on and try again. You are most definitely NOT a failiure, please don't beat yourself up over this. You can do it, have another go when you feel a bit better.You can do it ! :-) xxx

  • we've all had one - the one we couldnt complete - i've had several. the thing to remember though is that it is just one bad run out of many good ones. There are lots of possible reasons, not eating enough, feeling under the weather, running too fast - lots of reasons. Just dust yourself down, pick yourself up, and put it down to experience. I cant promise it will never happen again, as it probably will, but you need to be able to see it for what it is - not a failure, just a run that wasnt to plan.

  • NO it is not a failure. 'F' word isn't allowed on this site! You did 20 minutes which is great, think how far you have come since week 1. You weren't on the couch either, you went out and tried it. I am sure next time it will be better. Maybe you hadn't eaten enough, maybe it was just one of those things. We all have runs like that at times. Good luck to you for your next run. x

  • Failure, dont be so silly, you have got this far and wait and see, this run will be under your belt soon

  • thank you everyone for your support it means so much to me - ive had some toast going to have an early night and rest tomorrow and try again on Thursday and I promise no more use of the F word lol

  • Thank you Kitty Kat your words and support mean so much and I will take a cyber hug x

  • I had a day like that and nearly gave up but stopped myself. I tried to think what had stopped me and I think for me it was my mindset. I was running too late and felt under time pressure to do other things. I now try to run earlier in the evening and it seems to feel better - so far....

  • Not a failure at all - you've come so far at the same time as trying to change your bodyweight. We all have bad runs where we can't get the rhythm right and all goes to pieces.

    I too have found that not having eaten enough can stop me. When running we are burning a lot of energy which we need, even when trying to loose weight.

    Go a little easier on yourself next run and have something to eat 1/2 hour or so before, a banana, or even better a bowl of porridge. It doesn't have to be much; it'll get you through your run and you won't be so hungry afterwards either.

    Good luck, you are doing the right thing!

  • Half a banana does it for me. I completely ran out of energy once. Had to stand for a few minutes to get the strength to walk home. I'd had a sandwich and apple 5 hours before. I was running on empty. You learn these things!

  • ONLY 20 mins ? That still sounds like a run to me. I wouldn't beat yourself up about it even though you didn't exactly follow the plan. There's nothing stopping you from having another go. Please don't feel like a failure, because you're not, put it behind you and carry on. Your husband may be right about the energy thing, I always have a small snack half an hour before I go out and psychologically as much as anything I it makes me THINK I have energy !

  • Just think about how far you have come - I remember looking at the programme at the beginning and scoffing at the thought I would ever be able to run for 20 mins solid. You have made great progress!

    And as Laura says, even a bad run is better than no run at all.


  • Do't beat yourself up; we've all been there and had the odd bad run. If it felt wrong, it was possibly because you're under the weather, or a variety of different reasons; but you know what? you ran for 20 minutes, and that's still an achievement that you were chuffed to bits with just over a week ago! You CAN do this, and we will all be here to cheer you on! Big hugs to you and good luck for the next run :)

  • Crikey, you are beating yourself up too much, on top of dealing with Diabetes your trying to loose weight and do the c25k. Its a big lifestyle change and one that definitely puts out of your comfort zone, but believe me once you get to the end - this time next year YOU'LL BE THE ONE OFFERING SUPPORT.

    Get back out there and try again, Any run is a good run and any distance isn't a failure.

  • Fuel and hydration are critical as everyone has said, so make sure you have followed the advice given, but also start your next run just a bit slower and increase your speed only when you are breathing smoothly and everything is working well. It is not a race and your minor setback will disappear into insignificance soon. I did my first 10k race at the weekend and although I regularly run that distance, I ended up walking, along with all of those around me, up a steep hill. I can't remember last time that happened, but it wasn't a failure.....it was a stroll.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Ditto all the above, I've been a graduate since last December, but I had to stop after 20 minutes on my Monday run this week.

    I don't know what it was, maybe the heat (I've only run in autumn/winter and am a wuss with hot weather!), whatever it was, it just didn't happen. I ran my usual route, but had to stop and walk - 3 times!

    Everyone does it, chin up, and keep going, you're doing fabulously!

  • This post really inspired me this morning! Yesterday was the first time ever that I have had to stop after 22 minutes. I felt exactly the same way, and was worried that it was because I took 3 days off and maybe because I ate some junk before my run. I ran today although it was extremely hard again. I pushed it and was able to complete my run. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! You have done it before and you will do it again on your next run. Don't listen to the negative voices! :)

  • Thank you weareallone well done on your run

  • THANK YOU to you all I have woken up this morning with a much better frame of mind and actually worked out my calories I have been eating in a day before running and it was less than 400 which apparently is not enough so tomorrow when I try the run again I will be having a bowl of porridge in the afternoon - fingers crossed I will do the full run - thanks again

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