So long, week 6!

So, I did it. I downloaded some awesome music to my iphone instead of relying on Pandora to play music. My energy was high and ready to take on the 25 minute run. I was doing ok until there was about 7 minutes left. My legs started to feel like jello, and I started keeping an eye on the time. Which, we all know, doesn't make it go any faster. I was seriously ready to just start walking by 3 minutes remaining. I even slowed the speed down to just a fast walk and thought to myself "seriously, you can run 22 minutes but not the last 3?" so, I sped it up again. And I did it.

At the very end of the cool down when I was ready to get off of the treadmill my legs felt like they were ready to crumble and I couldnt get off the treadmill. I just stood there, playing on my phone as an excuse to not go anywhere at the moment. Which only made it worse. I figured I better keep walking to keep my legs from stiffening up, so I just walked around the gym for a few minutes and all was well again. They aren't sore this morning but. Hopefully I can start week 7 tomorrow and my legs arent incredibly sore.

So proud of myself.

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  • Congratulation and well done for sticking with it.

    I found the 25 minute runs the hardest and on my first & third attempts I didn't have your determination & let the gremlins beat me.

    Something just "clicked" for me in week 8 though & I stopped struggling as much.

    You've broken through the barrier now though so keep going you are so nearly there.

  • Good for you keeping at it and succeeding! I've only been on a treadmill once and when I came off I almost did a 'Bridget Jones' in front of several old guys hanging round at the weights! Not a Mark Darcy in sight! Good luck for Week 7, :)

  • Thanks guys :) It was definitely the toughest week yet. I'm excited to see how week 7 starts off today. Im pumped!

  • Hey Mirrorsaw Congratulations :-) I'm one run behind you but not looking forward to run 3. I think that once that run is done, I'll cut myself some slack and make sure that I allow myself to enjoy it a bit more. But fir now .........NOT looking forward to it. I'll have my 'positive pants' on by Wednesday though :-)

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