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With apologies to Simon & Garfunkel...!!The Nine Week Challenge!

The younger members might not know the original Sound of Silence by S & G...if not, Youtube it for the tune...;)

Hello Glebe Hill, my old friend, I've come to run on you again,

I’ve not a waistline softly creeping, don’t wish I was on the sofa sleeping,

I guess it could be worse, there could be rain,

And knee pain, as I run the roads of Cornwall.

Uphill I carry on alone, running shoes all tired and worn,

I grab hold of a street lamp, try to fend off a stab of cramp

And my eyes are stung by the drip of constant salty sweat

As with no regret, I climb that hill in Saltash.

And in the dying light I saw, twenty other runners, maybe more.

People gasping but not speaking, People’s footsteps fast and fleeting,

People running a hill that few people ever dare.

But they all dared, to run the worst hill in Saltash.

Friends I said, now you know, just how your fitness grows.

You heard the word and it showed ya, C25K no more sofa."

And your bodies are now so toned and so very svelte,

No tight belts, and no more need for diets!

And the runners bowed and prayed, for Wk5R3 they were afraid

But the graduates said don’t worry, you can make it just don’t hurry!

And soon there will be shiny green badges for us all

And lots of LOLs, we’ve beat the nine week challenge!

Ok, it's a bit tortured, but not as tortured as my breathing is going up that dratted hill lol...

CaroleC :)

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LOL that is excellent! I love it (and love a bit of S&G).


This is brilliant, Loved it. Now you need to sing it and video it and put it on youtube.


Love this Carole! I was putting it to the tune in my head! And so heart-felt too! Good luck for week 6! :)


Lol Oona,

Don't worry I graduated last year; but I know it's the run that everyone dreads so it had to go in.




So THAT'S what you think about while running!

Good one, and I'm old enough to know the tune and 'sing' it!


Carole this is FAB. Not easy to get words to scan with this wonderful tune. Poet laureate in the making :-). Can we make requests Lol! Thanks for that trip up memory hill, Sara x


Loved this Carole! Good job I was alone in my office when I was singing along.......!!

Brilliant words and brilliant run! Sue x


Carole this is fantastic! have you forwarded it to John in admin? reckon they could use this.

Money, money, money etc. :-)

Colette x


Brilliant - can we make requests?? :-)


Depends what you want to request!! xx ;)


Love it. Grabbed me from the first line.


Lol, I do a bit of poetry in my spare time and the first few lines were going around and around in my head as I ran up and down, up and down that hill. I had to finish it when I got home...thanks for the positive replies...I'll forward it on to John; probably licencing rights will prevent its use but you never know!!



Love it Carole :) Singing as I'm reading. (Good job I'm on my own!!) My daughter at uni in Plymouth and spends a lot of time across the water in Saltash, I've been once so not sure of the hill, might have to have a look next time I'm down your way :)


Yep, when you're coming down, give me a pm here and I'll show you the dratted thing lol, we can run up it together! Actually, go up Saltash Fore Street, branch right at the top on the corner where the Methodist church is, where Victoria Gardens is on your left, and it's your first right. Just follow it around. You'll see what I mean!



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