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W5R1 - with a spring in my step in my new shoes!

I cannot believe the difference my new running shoes made this evening (Saucony ProGrid Phoenix 5 if anyone's interested!) - instead of my usual plodjogging I actually ran. The last five minutes were really hard, but it's the first week since week one that I actually felt like I pushed myself. I couldn't help but smile as I ran (I know - weirdo) - it all feels like it's coming together.

I ache now (although I was wearing heels today, which I rarely do and my legs felt it by the time I got home) - but I feel great. Looking forward to Friday morning run already!

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It is amazing the different the right footware makes, can't say I run as opposed to plod but have far less pain in my calves and shins now I have a real pair of shoes and have to say running socks have also made a difference. Enjoy your run on Friday


It is shoes make you run faster and jump higher!!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



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