W1R2 with 4yr old in tow!

Just completed w1r2.

Not quite as planned as husband away and no child care after school so my 4 year old came too. I don't know who was more excited :-)

Headed to the local park for safety , after the second 60 second run the novelty had worn off though so I completed the run by lapping the playground ,Whilst he shouted at me from the top of the slide!

A few slightly amused onlookers later and we are back home having a healthy snack

I don't feel quite as ' worked out' as the first go but better than the couch!

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  • You're not going to let anything stop you are you! Well done you and as you say better than the couch.

  • That is wonderful, you could have used that as an excuse not to go or to stop sooner!Well done!

  • Nicely done, Rosie. I do have one question though...You did try out the aforementioned slide, didn't you?? :-)

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T!

    That's dedication...

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