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Listen to your body... pace yourself it makes all the difference!

So, after using my Garmin last week and not being very impressed with my run, but realising why [went off way too quickly] I finally went out again yesterday. I haven't felt well all week so decided to wait until I was feeling better. Thought I'd just run 20 mins after last week's disappointment, but instead of watching the time, I mixed up my playlist again [put some Coldplay on after being inspired by the Paralympics Closing Ceremony] and off I went, having a rough idea of where on'my playlist 20 mins were.

Anyhow, I started off slowly and maintained my pace and finally looked at my watch and i'd run 25 minutes! Carried onto the 28 minutes - ran 3.59 km - ok so no records broken but I didn't break my run. Am so pleased! I have done W8 4 times now so I think i'm ready for my Graduation week!

Have to say I couldn't have got to this point without the support on here - everyone is so helpful, encouraging and supportive.

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my questions and offered words of encouragement and good luck to everyone else!

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Hey welldone, mothergoose. Great how our bodies maintain the ability to run even when we have to have time off. Sounds like you are on the home stretch. Just graduated this week and it's a great feeling. Will look out for your graduation blog very soon. Jan


Thanks, really feel like i'm getting into my stride with this and enjoying my running. Well done on your graduation!


Good luck for your graduation week! Looking forward to seeing your shiny green badge beside your name. I was so excited when I got mine - sad, I know, but it means a lot to me! :)


Like oona, my badge means a lot to me! I even had an injury but struggled through on my last 3 runs... no way in heck was I letting that pretty little badge out of my sight! ;-) WELCOME to grad week! :-) Getting the bubbly chilled and the party hats out! Gayle


Not sad at all Oona! It's a great achievement. I am looking forward to earning mine and showing it off to my family !


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