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Graduated!!!!! But why are run 3s so hard?

Hi everyone,

I started this year wanting to lose 3 stone before my big significant birthday at the beginning of December. That seemed like a possible if challenging target. Well, thanks to Slimming World I only have 1 1/2 lbs to go... (and another stone after that to hit my final weight goal).

However, at that time I had no idea of the other big challenge I would take on this year - that didn't start until September when I saw C25K mentioned in a Slimming World magazine. I didn't take it too seriously to start with - after all, I was the kid who no one picked at school for anything remotely sporty and I really had no interest in getting worn out three times a week in the name of fitness. It all sounded w-a-y too hard and suitable only for other people. But my mind kept on going back to that magazine article and niggling at me to give it a go. And, as they say the rest is history.

So this most unlikely runner got to the end of C25K this morning - a lovely if chilly day here. I've been back on the same route that I've been running since the grass got too muddy around week 5 or 6 - just adding more loops to it. Although week 9 runs 1 and 2 were both OK I did find run 3 harder - maybe I was going a bit faster (did make a distance PB of 4.5K) - I find it hard to set a pace. At the 25 minute mark I wasn't even sure that I was going to finish but I told myself I'd got this far and couldn't stop now!

I still don't really "feel" like a runner - still rather "comfortably" built and not exactly enjoying the running - just always really happy to get home again. I also don't know how I"m going to keep going with this in the future - I put a Garmin Forerunner watch on my birthday list (I said it was a significant one didn't I - so with any luck I'll get one big pressie?) but I know I'll have to find a way to motivate myself to keep using it if I get one.

Next week I'm going to start with the Stepping Stones, Speed and Stamina podcasts. I'm going to start by aiming for 5K (in easy steps, maybe 2 minutes extra a week) and then hopefully bring the 5K time down. I don't know if I'll ever get to 5k in 30 minutes but that sounds like a plan at least - I've discovered this year that I really am a person who responds to targets!

Now for a shower, coffee and ORDER THAT T-SHIRT!!!!

I think a couple of others are hoping to do graduation runs today - I'm looking forward to hearing from them and it'll be party time later!

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What a fantastic blog! Thanks for sharing and many, many congratulations on your achievements, both graduating and your weight loss!


Wow fantastic well done to you on graduating and your weight loss. I too started the programme after reading about it in slimming world magazine and have two runs left, thanks for the inspiration to keep going. Good luck with the stepping stones programme.


Hi Rolphie - we must have been reading the same magazine! I'm thinking of sending my blog (above) to them in case they are interested. I feel that the more "involved" I get (by chatting with people here, for example), the more motivated I am to keep going.

You have only two runs left now - so you know you have 30 min runs in you. Isn't that great! Good luck this week and I'm waiting to hear about your graduation as well.


You should definately send your blog to sw, it may inspire more people to give it a go. Congratulations again.


Congratulations, thinnerandfitter!! It sounds like that is quite a fitting now right now...both thinner and fitter!! Good for you!!

No worries!! I still look forward to the end of every run, also!! Gayle and I still ask each other at the end of almost every run (well, we do as soon as the breathless coughing and wheezing let's up!!) what is exactly fun about this running and why we put ourselves through it!! Truth be told, it is good for us and we know that we have to do what we can to live long enough to annoy our children for as long as possible!! I think that the satisfaction that comes after completing the program and every single run after that is enough to keep us going. We are doing it!! YOU ARE DOING IT!!

Congratulations, again!! Now, take a couple of rest days and shine that wonderful new badge after you recieve it!! YOU EARNED IT!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Hi Steve - I'm glad (well, you know what I mean) that you and Gayle do the breathless coughing and wheezing bit - I've been back over 3 hours now and am still coughing a bit - it was quite cold out there this morning though - I don't think I have a major problem or I wouldn't have got around the 4.5K :-). You are absolutely right about the post-run satisfaction - without that I wouldn't have got this far. Just have to keep it up now.

I mustn't rest for too long or I won't keep going - so I'm planning on a first attempt at Stepping Stones on Tuesday. Is that what you and Gayle are doing now?


We have downloaded Stepping Stones. Gayle has used it once and I have used it a couple of times. So far we have done a couple of organized 5K runs and just use our own playlists. I have found that other runners pace me better than any group of songs every has. Besides, to be honest, it is hard to listen to the music over the gasping and wheezing that I am doing!! :-)


That's brilliant, well done! Now you can really look forward to your birthday and feel proud!


Hi Thinnerandfitter, well done you and yes I graduated today as well. Doesn't it feel good? Your plan for moving on sounds really good and you've inspited me to give it a go. I haven't made it to 5K yet but am going to set that as my next aim by running for a bit longer each time. Hope you are celebrating. Keep blogging so I know how you are doing. Yippee


Congratulations - both on the weight loss and for graduating! Wear the badge with pride!

I too found out about C25K on SW online and it was that that made me choose this programme back in August; I'm so glad I did!!

Its good to have a plan post-graduation so keep with it and I hope Santa brings you your lovely pressie - I have one and its great!!

Sue x


Well look at you!!!!!! :-) CONGRATULATIONS*CONGRATULATIONS*CONGRATULATIONS! :-) You should be totally pleased with yourself! Great job on the weight loss and doing the program so well! :-) You wanna know a secret? There are times I still dont feel like a runner and most runs for me are still a challenge but I feel so good afterwards! I am not near a 5K/30 minutes but the week we graduated, we signed up for 2-5K runs. Each one took me a little under 40 minutes and I found out I can continue running at least that long. When we are home running, I just add a few minutes on each time. I probably should go to the C25K+ podcast more. So far I tried stepping stones once. Very well done and wishing you a successful running future! :-) Gayle


Congratulations, and what an appropriate name! You have done so well :)


Well done thinnerandfitter. Congratulations on your Graduation and on your weight loss, woo, wooo!!!! :-). Heck all of us go through the I don't feel like a runner today bit-so you're not alone hon.

Let's hope you get that big pressie you want for your birthday, and maybe bits to go with it from Santa at Christmas-now that would be nice!

Really excellent blog, and although I don't subscribe do send it in to Slimming World-what a testimonial!!

Stepping stones is definitely your next step-you will learn a lot! I thoroughly recommend it.

Colette x


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