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Treadmill finally arrived - first run complete and very happy with my purchase

After a mishap with the first delivery my treadmill finally arrived on Friday. During the day my hubby dutifully put it together (thank you hubby!!!!) and by 5 p.m. it was ready for action.

Unfortunately, by then the kids were home from school, they needed feeding and youngest needed transport to roller disco so didn't have a chance to have a proper run. I was a little apprehensive as although I have run on a TM before in my gym days (pre kids) I wasn't sure if it would be the same as running on the roads like I have for the last 6 months.

My iFit module didn't arrive on Friday (disappointing but on it's way) so could not do my planned run round Central Park. So I did some research on interval training on Friday e.g. speed podcast and Saturday I did a 20 minutes interval session which consisted of 5 min warm up 30 sec running as fast as I could - as if running for a bus and then a 1 minute recovery repeated 10 times - I then carried on running at a gentle pace for another 15 mins.

It is a beast of a machine but I have cleared out the playroom (kids now 12/14), Hubby has decorated (his idea not mine) and it's now been transformed into 'Mummy's Gym' / spare room.

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Hi there ... please could you post details of which treadmill you bought. thanks


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