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W2R1, sorted!

Off I set this afternoon to attempt the first run of week 2. I started from a different place, so my 5 minute warm up walk took me to my previous starting point.

I found the 90 second runs ok. Easier on the way back as the route is a very gentle incline to the turnaround spot and very gently downwards on the way back. By very gentle, I mean that you wouldn't notice it if you were walking, but do if you're jogging (at least you do if you're as unfit and overweight as I am!)

When Laura told me to do the 5 minute warm down walk I was still not back to the point I'd reached at the end of the warm up walk. So, feeling rebellious, what with it being a Friday afternoon and all, I slipped in an extra run (don't tell Laura!)

At this point I can't imagine running for 3 minutes, let alone 30. Well I can if I fantasize, but in that fantasy I'm 20 years younger and 20 kilos lighter!

My biggest problem is my shins hurting. It started on the second run last week. They're fine when I walk, but are sore when I run and also to touch :-( Any ideas?

I'm hoping I'll just grow out of it over the next couple of weeks.

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I had sore shins too at the begining. My advice would be "listen to your body". Don't miss the rest days and if you feel you need to repeat a week so be it.

You will however surprise yourself many times on the journey you have started on.

Good Luck


get you with your added running bits!

well done you!!

sorry to hear about your shins though. do you get sore shins through something to do with your big toes pulling up whilst running? or going up hilly bits whilst your not strong enough? i dont know really, just wanting to give you a bit of a jivvy up - stick with it earl grey sian!!

good luck for the next run!!

:-) ali


Thanks Ali.

How are you getting on?

Siân ;-)


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