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Week 12 R1&2 Need for Speed

So I tried the Speed podcast on Sunday and quite liked it. I got it much more than my single attempt at the Stepping Stones one. With that one I really couldn't seem to get the beat. With Speed it seemed much easier. In reality I think I did get it at the start and at the finish. The faster bits (or intervals) seemed easier to follow but were somewhat harder to keep up with on the uphill stretches of my route. I've now done this three times and the numbers are pretty static. I'm doing about 3k in about the 16 minutes of the podcast so it's not bad from that point of view. I get the faster bits and the slower bits but am not really sure if I am managing the beat as well as I should.

I know that some others who have tried Speed have felt cheated that it's a shorter run but I feel I've done a proper workout after each one. And for that reason I may well push on with this podcast for a while longer possibly mixing in with the Stamina one and even Stepping Stones. I still have B210k in my sights but I am currently getting focused on improving some of the things I see I need to get better. So, I'm sticking with Laura for a bit longer!

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I found speed to be really good plus I also use AudioFuel Pyramid 180 and 200, both of which are good interval training sessions. Like speed they are shorter sessions but I often forget to turn around hafl way through so have to run all the way back albeit slightly slower after the workout!


My thoughts exactly, about both the Speed podcast and the overall post grad plan! :) Though I don't think I'll use Stepping Stones again - my third weekly run is one to my own music.


I agree - ditched Stepping Stones after one go and carried on with Stamina, Speed and own music runs.

Read somewhere else today that Stepping Stones is a kind of bridge between C25K and the other two 5K+ podcasts - sounds logical to me.

Good luck! :-)


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