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Following the programme

Does everyone follow the programme to the letter?

I've just finished week 1, and by run 3 I was feeling the need to run for longer than the 60 seconds, do I did (as long as I wasn't going up an incline). I also did an extra run during the 5 minute walk at the end.

Does it matter if I do extra, as long as I don't do less than Laura says?

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ooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!! what a question! and to ignore Laura!!

blimey riley earl-grey-sian, youre so going to be a graduate and beyond! extra running??? I cant imagine. I do what laura says to the second and no more. But I think that's because I cant physically do any more !!

I do think its important to have rest days between runs, but if you feel able to tag on a little extra, and are not stretching yourself too much, where's the harm?

be interesting to see what our proper runner friends on here say, and that's what its all about.

keep on running, but take care out there.

:-) ali


I always take my rest days. I can't run first thing, my muscles are too cold/stiff. To get my three runs in this week I'm going to have to run on my way home from work on Tuesday. I have no street lights where I live, or in the surrounding villages, so I'll have to stop at a town on my way home. Not really looking forward to that as I will have just worked two 10 hour days with another 10 hours on Wednesday. But it's the only way to get 3 runs in with the rest days :-(


wow! dedication indeed. just you take care.


I did a bit extra most of the time, I couldn't see the harm so long as I wasn't pushing myself too hard. In the first few weeks I would tag an extra 10 minutes walking up a steep incline on the treadmill onto the end, which then became a little bit of extra running (through the cool down, with the cool down afterwards). I had rest days in between where sometimes I was very lazy and other times I walked.


Well if you did extra, and you've graduated, I'll take your advice, and listen to my body. :-)


I also did extras when I felt like it. I did the first few weeks on a treadmill and would add a bit on the end if I had the energy or, sometimes, I'd go and do some weight training etc then come back for another short stint on the treadmill. I always had the rest days in between - on one rest day I would do a yoga class and on another I'd do an exercise/weight loss class or maybe a session at the gym.

I didn't get any injuries until a while after graduating, when I got impatient and tried to increase my mileage too quickly (tip: don't increase distance more than about 10% each week, so your body can adjust gradually).


I definitely won't be increasing distances too quickly.

I live at the bottom of a hill, so everywhere around here is gently sloping, at at the moment, the slightest incline is a struggle!


I don't think the programme is a 'minimum suggestion', I think it is a programme - based not only on not overtaxing others of us but also on reining in those of us at risk of 'boom and bust' So yes, I'd say it does matter, particularly at this stage (probably not once you are doing continuous runs) and particularly if you run during the recovery walk at the end. Which does not mean that everyone who strays from the path of righteousness (hahaha) is doomed... but with your tough work schedule, it sounds like you've got enough of a challenge.


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