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w3r3 - nowt really to tell!

Just finished w3, pretty uneventful really. Sun got out a bit. Another pb of 13 minute mile (I know - that sucks, but not for me!) Starving now as just had a banana this morning, so time for a poached egg on a slice of burgens soya and linseed bread. And coffee. Healthy eating is a good thing, but I refuse to give up my coffee. So saturday brings w4. Going to make some home made almond butter this afternoon, as apparently it is better for runners than peanut butter, due to the higher potassium content helping to prevent cramps. So that's it. A load of waffle. But, I am going to post every single run I do (sorry to bore you all!) ensure that I get my graduate badge for xmas!

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uneventful rfawag???? Never! I could just do with egg on toast ..........

and Im in awe of you doing it without some mention of wheezing or wanting to give up, like i do! well done you.

Im absolutely certain you'll be a graduate for christmas!! (got the t-shirt on your list for Santa? :-) )

ali :-)


Feel free to post away! We love following the progress of those heading to Graduate-land! :-) We try to eat healthy as well but I haven't ventured into almond butter. We have a product in the US called is made from hazelnuts...oh my! So sinfully, chocolaty delicious! It is full of sugar though, so not a healthy option, plus I could wipe out a jar in minutes! ;-) You are doing great on the pace! No such thing as to slow! Look at you! Welcome week 4!!!! Gayle


We have nutella too. The almond butter is beyond awesome. It tastes divine, is so nutritious and cheap cheap cheap compared to buying it in a health food store. nom nom nom!


Thanks for this it makes me feel I am in the right ball park. I have just done W3R3 and think I cheated on the second 3 mins - I can't see my watch in the dark! so I did an extra 3 mins at the end to make up. Average speed 13:2. I was thinking of repeating W3 but you've changed my mind. Its the thought of a 3min start run thats daunting me.


Next week isn't worrying me too much, but the week after has me quaking in my boots! w5r3 is a straight 20 minute run and is giving me disturbed sleep. All I can do is try my best but I am not confident I will make it. But, Que sera.


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